Study Abroad

Indiana University strives to provide equal educational opportunities to its students at home and abroad. All learners, including those with disabilities, are encouraged to participate in overseas learning opportunities. Participants are reminded, however, that protections concerning the disabled vary widely around the world, and no guarantee can be made that any site can accommodate every learner’s needs or interests. In an effort to minimize barriers and increase participation, the following process steps may provide some helpful guidance at IUK.

Expectations for Overseas Program:

  • Consult and assist faculty in reviewing academic and pedagogical objectives of overseas experience in relation to any essential abilities necessary to complete course objectives.
  • Supply application with accessibility statement:
    • i. “If you would like to discuss accommodations available during your study abroad experience, please contact the Accessibility Center at your earliest convenience, 765-455-9301.”
  • Provide Accessibility Center with program participant names.
  • Assist with alternative transportation and/or lodging needs, if necessary.
  • Identify and train faculty.

Duties for Faculty:

  • Determine academic and pedagogical objectives in connection with study abroad program; determine essential abilities (e.g., physical or emotional) necessary to meet the academic objectives of the course or experience.
  • Consult with the Career & Accessibility Coordinator to assess potential reasonable accommodations and support services for students with disabilities.
  • Cooperate with other offices to determine alternative and equitable academic goals if accommodations are necessary.
  • Assist arranging any travel and/or lodging accommodations.

Responsibilities for Accessibility Center:

  • Consult with Overseas Program participants to assess requests.
  • Outline with a student:
    • Cultural understandings.
    • Financial obligations, including insurance coverage.
    • Academic goals.
    • Medical needs.
    • Travel and lodging assessment.
  • Consult with faculty to evaluate how to implement support services for the student.
  • Contribute to accessibility costs.


Overseas/Living Abroad

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