Oct 1
5 Week Reports: I'm Lost! What should I do now?

5 week reports have just been sent out. Do you know which direction you are heading? The workshop will allow you to gain important knowledge in understanding the purpose of the 5 week reports.  This workshop will educate students about the significance of “moving forward” in a positive matter from the five week reports. 

10:00 AM
NCF Meeting

General meeting

12:30 PM
Oct 2
Michael Reyes, Spoken Word Activist

Michael Reyes is a social justice activist that does his work through his words. His mission is to provide a participatory educational environment through poetry and hip-hop to address issues of social justice and cultural identity. Learn more about his Latino identity while exploring your own identity and the issues that you stand for.

Sponsored by Cougar Advocates for Diversity

12:00 PM
Oct 3
Kokomo Civic Theater Performance Laundry and Bourbon/Lonestar

Laundry and Bourbon and Lonestar are two one Act plays.  Excellent entertainment!

8:00 PM
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