Student Responsibilities

Students requesting modifications in the classroom must register with the Accessibility Center by providing proper documentation.  Students must also adhere to the following:

Application Process

  • Initiate request for accommodations in a timely manner.
  • Submit proper documentation within 72 hours of desired appointment.
  • Attend intake appointment with accessibility staff.
  • Sign release of information form.
  • Provide special information if at risk due to a medical condition or medication.

Prior to the Semester

  • Advance register for classes (if possible).
  • Pick up accommodation letters for instructors/professors.
  • If using Kurzweil, submit a book list (along with receipt of purchase) as soon as possible.
  • Inform our office of materials needed in alternate format as soon as possible.

During the Semester

  • Distribute letters to instructor/professors regarding approved modifications each semester.
  • Schedule a meeting with each class/instructor to discuss approved modifications.
  • Notify the Accessibility Center staff immediately of any changes in your class schedule during any semester services are received.
  • Assist in identifying note takers in all classes, if applicable.  Send the note taker to the Career and Accessibility Center as soon as possible so we are able to process payroll.
  • Notify faculty/accessibility staff member immediately when an accommodation is not being provided completely or correctly.
  • If approved for testing accommodations, please do the following:
    • Discuss the accommodation with each professor so that testing arrangements are agreed upon.
    • When using a scribe/reader, submit copies of course syllabi with exams highlighted to the Accessibility Center.  Confirm the day/time of your exam at least one week in advance with your instructor.  Let the Accessibility Center know as soon as the test is scheduled so that a scribe/reader can be assigned.

After the Semester

  • Notify the Accessibility Center if services need to be terminated or continued for the upcoming semester.

 It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Accessibility Center regarding services each semester enrolled.