Faculty/Staff Process

If students identify themselves as having a disability and request accommodation, it is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure that the learning environment is accessible. Due to the very personal and private nature of some disabilities it is important that instructors create an atmosphere where students feel comfortable about coming forward to discuss any modifications, accommodations, or supportive services. Instructors can demonstrate their openness and willingness to help students by including on their syllabi a statement encouraging students to make an appointment with the instructor. This meeting is vitally important to ensure safety as the student may need course adaptations or accommodations, have emergency medical information that the instructor should know, or may need special arrangements in the event the building must be evacuated.

It is strongly recommended that the instructor make arrangements to meet with students who choose to identify themselves in order to discuss in detail the particular accommodations that will be necessary. At a minimum, an instructor should

  • Make sure the student is aware of services available from the Career and Accessibility Center
  • Inquire into the extent of any limitations as it relates to fulfilling course requirements
  • Discuss the possible accommodations that may be made
  • Contact the Career and Accessibility Center if the instructor has any further questions. An instructor should also look to his or her academic department for assistance in providing accommodations. If there are ever any questions regarding an approved accommodation, the instructor is advised to call the Career and Accessibility Center at 765-455-9301.