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Campus Services
University Police

Severe Weather

Physical Plant will assign someone to:

  • Test the emergency generators and check fluid levels.
  • Check all HVAC Units to make sure that all access panels are secure.
  • Check all first aid kits to make sure they are supplied.
  • Ensure all roof drains are free and clear of debris.
  • Review evacuation procedures.

 In the event severe weather is detected on campus:

  •  Close and lock all cash registers.
  •  Close and lock all areas containing money, including safes.
  •  Shut down all computers and electrical equipment that might be damaged.
  •  If the safety of the faculty/staff, students and visitors are threatened, IUPD or Physical Plant Emergency Staff may order the evacuation of a building(s).
  •  Meet at a predetermined location away from the building.
  •  Check all areas of the building to make sure everyone is evacuated.

In the event of property damage resulting from severe weather:

  •  The IUPD will establish control of security around the affected area.
  •  Physical Plant will do a preliminary analysis of the area and contact the appropriate people to address concerns.
  •  Only authorized persons may enter the area after it is declared safe to enter.
  •  IUPD or Physical Plant will notify the Vice Chancellor for Administration and they will inform Risk Management.

If the roof is leaking:

  •  Cover with plastic any property that may be damaged.
  •  Place trash cans under leaking areas.
  •  Elevate property off the floor to at least 12 inches.
  •  Rope off damaged areas.
  •  Contact Physical Plant at ext. 9273 and provide information on the location and severity of the leak.

If there is water in the building:

  •  Notify the IUPD at ext. 9363 and Physical Plant at ext. 9273.
  •  Physical Plant will respond to facilitate the cleanup of the area.
  •  Document all expenses.
Last updated: 08/10/2015