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Campus Services
University Police


In the event of a threat of flood:

  • Elevate all property at least two feet off the floor.
  • The IUPD will notify Physical Plant and monitor the weather alerts.
  • An officer who is familiar with the geography will monitor the track of the flood.
  • IUPD or Physical Plant may require faculty, staff, and students to move their cars out of the effective area.
  • The Physical Plant emergency staff will be notified, and a representative will report to the incident commander.

In the event of a flood on Indiana University Kokomo property:

  • Review water contamination procedures.
  • Make sure that all property is elevated above forecasted flood level.

Evacuation Procedures:

  • The IUPD and Physical Plant emergency staff will announce an evacuation if necessary.
  • The IUPD and Physical Plant emergency staff will check all areas of the building to make sure the building is evacuated.
  • Protect money/property if it doesn't threaten anyone's safety:
    • Close and lock all cash registers.
    • Lock all areas that have money.
  • Meet at a predetermined location outside the building.
  • Do not return to the building unless a university official gives an all-clear.

If there is any property damage as a result of the flood:

  • Once the all-clear has been given, enter the building with caution. Be sure that appropriate personal protective equipment is provided and worn.
  • Inspect the building to assess damage and report to the EOC.
  • Document all expenses.
  • Make sure all damages are noted.
Last updated: 08/10/2015