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University Information Technology Services
WCMS Tutorials

Editing a WYSIWYG


  1. In the HTML chunk, the wysiwig is the box you add your content to
  2. Many of the features are similar to Microsoft Word
    1. Bold
    2. Italic
    3. Underline
    4. Aligning of text
    5. Bulleting
    6. Numbered bullets
    7. Spell check
    8. Undo
    9. Redo
  3. You can add links, images, and special characters
  4. Click submit when you are finished editing

Adding an Image in a WYSIWYG


  1. To add an image to your wysiwyg , click on the picture icon on the wysiwyg toolbar
  2. The insert/edit image window will pop up
  3. You want to add an internal image
    1. Make sure you crop the image to the size you want it to be before you upload it to the wysiwyg
    2. Upload the image into your img folder inside your departments asset folder
  4. Select an image in your asset folder by searching for it
    1. Click on the icon to the left of “search” to browse your history and select an image
      1. This provides the recent history
        1. You can choose a folder from there
        2. You can also hit browse and browse through the folder
    2. Or click the icon to the right of “search” to look through your folders to select an image
      1. This provides the option to browse through the folders and select the new parent folder
  5. Select an image then hit confirm
  6. Add an alternate text
    1. The alt text is what shows up for screen readers
      1. It is a short description – two to three words
  7. Make sure the width/height is empty and break the link to delete whatever is inside there
  8. Click insert when finished
  9. Submit it when you are finished
Last updated: 03/08/2016