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University Information Technology Services
WCMS Tutorials

Viewing a Different Version


  1. Hover over the name of your page
  2. Click on the down arrow to the right of the name of your page
  3. Select Versions
  4. All the previous versions of a page are listed
    1. They show the date and time of each change and who made the changes
  5. If there is an older version you want to view, click on the link under the path column
    1. You can go back and see all the different versions you have had to see what previous webpages looked like
  6. You can choose what action you want to take in the “viewing” navigation bar
    1. Newer
      1. Takes you to the next newer version
    2. Older
      1. Takes you to the next older version
    3. Current
      1. Takes you to the current activated page
    4. Activate
      1. Will make the page you are viewing the current activated page
    5. Delete
      1. Delete it from the list of versions
    6. Compare with current
      1. Will show you the differences between the page you are viewing and the current activated page
Last updated: 03/24/2016