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University Information Technology Services
WCMS Tutorials

Publishing a Page


  1. After creating a page, you will submit it
    1. Submits it to WCMS
  2. You need to publish it to make it live for the public to view
  3. Hover over the page you want to publish
  4. Click on the down arrow to the right of the name of the page
  5. Select publish
  6. Make sure both links area checked
      1. Publishes out to the public web
      1.  Gets published to
      2.  It is a complete copy of our regular site
      3. Available to anyone who has access to WCMS on campus
    3. Both should be checked by default
  7. Click the submit button to publish it out to the public
  8. It will send you to a queue
    1. You can see the percentage finished
    2. When it says 100% your page is fully published to the public web 
Last updated: 03/24/2016