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University Information Technology Services
WCMS Tutorials

Creating a Page in WCMS


  1. Select the folder you want to add the page to
  2. Go to the horizontal navigation bar
  3. Click new
  4. Hover over WRAP_SDDU
  5. Hover over IUK-IUK-CAMPUS
  6. Hover over
  7. Click on Page
  8. Add a system name
    1. This will be the name that shows in your folder
    2. Must be in lower case letters
    3. Use a dash (“-“) instead of a space

Adding the Inline Metadata Section


  1. Add a display name
    1. The name of the page that the public will see
    2. Not case sensitive
    3. Can use spaces
  2. Add a title
    1. This will show in the tab of the web page
  3. Add key words
    1. This is for search engines to pick up
    2. Use commas to separate keywords
  4. Add a description
    1. This describes the page you are creating
    2. Keep it to one sentence
  5. Show this page in the left navigation?
    1. It will already be checked yes automatically unless you don’t want it in the left navigation

Adding the Page Section


  1. Go to the type-of-page drop down box   
    1. Select interior-page
  2. Section-interior-page section
    1. Select the show/hide section features you would like in your page
    2. Heading
      1. Usually the office/school you are part of
      2. Shows in grey at top of page
      3. If you want to make the heading a link
        1. Click on the icon to the left of “search” to browse your history and select a page you want to link to 
          1. This provides the recent history
          2. You can choose a folder or file from here
          3. You can also hit browse and browse through the folder
        2. Or click the icon to the right of “search” to look through your folders to select a a page you want to link to
          1. This provides the option to browse through the folders and select the new parent folder
    3. Subheading
      1. What the page is about
      2. Shows in red at top of page
    4. Subheading-faculty-profile
      1. Advanced use only
    5. Content-heading-h1
      1. Title of the content of the page
    6. Hero
      1. Advanced use only
    7. Horizontal-subnav-interior
      1. Advanced use only
    8. Left-nav
      1. Advanced use only
    9. Left-callout
      1. Advanced use only
    10. Chunks
      1. This will add the chunks of content to your page
    11. Above-the-skirt
      1. Advanced use only 
Last updated: 03/08/2016