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University Information Technology Services
WCMS Tutorials

Creating a Folder in WCMS


  1. Click on the root folder you want to add a new folder to
  2. Go to the horizontal navigation bar
  3. Click new
  4. Hover over WRAP_SDDU
  5. Hover over IUK-IUK-CAMPUS
  6. Hover over
  7. Select generic folder
    1. When selected make sure it shows the correct root folder for the subfolder you are creating
  8. Enter a system name
    1. This will be the name of your folder
    2. You should always use lower case letters
    3. Use a dash (“-“) instead of adding a space between words
  9. Make sure publish and index are checked
    1. Publish will allow the public to see the contents of this folder
    2. Index will add it to the left navigation bar (where are the folders are)
  10. Click Submit to finalize it
  11. After the folder is created check and make sure it is in the right place on the left navigation bar (where all the folders are located)
Last updated: 03/08/2016