Editing the IU Kokomo Academic Bulletin

Departmental pages

Please Note

IU Communications offers bulletin documentation. Campus-specific items are listed below.

Bulletin access requests should be directed to kokoweb@iu.edu. All other Bulletin related technical support questions should be directed to bulletin@iu.edu.

What is the basic content structure for a department's homepage?

At a minimum, a department's home page should contain:

  • a list of Deans, chairs and faculty
  • majors/minors
  • courses

The Division of Allied Health is a good example

Content Structure

How do I find my department's pages?

All the pages for the 2017-2018 bulletin are located in the Sites WCMS server, which is new for this year.
Log in at https://sites.wcms.iu.edu/  and then choose the Site "IUK-CAMPUS-BULLETIN.2017-2018." Then, open the folder corresponding to your school or division, and your departmental folders will be shown.

Location of Sites menu at top right corner of WCMS Sites server is shown. IUK-CAMPUS-BULLETIN.2017-2018 is selected.

Course listings

Where do I find courses for my department?

All the courses for the 2017-2018 and future bulletins are located in https://author.wcms.iu.edu/ : WRAP_SDDU>BL-VPUR-OCS >1336-1402-Bulletins>_courses>iuk>iuk-2017. The courses located outside of the "iuk-2017" folder are no longer used. Please create and edit all courses within the "iuk-2017" folder only. Courses located outside that folder will not be displayed in the Academic Bulletin from 2017-2018 onward.

The Author WCMS server is shown, with the WRAP_SDDU/BL-VPUR-OCS/1336-1402-Bulletins/_courses/iuk/ folder contents highlighted.

How do I add a new course?

Follow the path and select Course

Add a course

Editing information on courses

  1. Fill out all these fields
  2. Select undergrad or graduate
  3. Add description. In this example prereqs are included in the description

Editing info

How do I delete a course?

1. Be sure to unpublish a course before deleting it:

Unpublish Bulletin Course

2. Hover over the right side of the page name, click the down arrow and select Delete

Delete a Course