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STC Builds

All instructor and student machines on Indiana University Kokomo's campus are running the Student Technology Center (STC) Build.

To see programs currently part of the STC Build, please visit here.

Request Software

If you need software installed that is not already part of the STC Build, or not deployed on the IU Kokomo campus, you can make a software request by filling out the form here.

Please note: for security reasons, students generally cannot add programs to any UITS computer. To have software added to an STC or other UITS computer for academic reasons, contact your instructors for sponsorship. For any further information regarding making software requests, please consult the Knowledgebase.

Featured Software

Classroom Technology Services makes available several useful applications designed to enhance teaching and learning, and provide often requested features. Below you will find some of the solutions that we make available or will be coming soon.

Echo 360DoceriBox

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