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Office of Sustainability

What if we told you that you can actually make a difference? That every small step you take to live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life can add up to major improvements in the world around us? Whether it’s as small as skipping the straw or as major as starting restoration projects for wildlife, you can make a change for a better, more sustainable world for future generations. The Office of Sustainability at Indiana University Kokomo is all about working together to make our campus and our region a better place for all.

See what we’re up to!

What is sustainability? Why is it important?

Sustainability follows standards that do not deplete our natural resources and that maintain ecological balance.

The efforts towards sustainability encompass different aspects of the human experience in broad topics that range from business to environmental issues. These vary in degree and can be implemented both at home and on a global scale.

The goal is to preserve as many of our resources as possible for future generations and to help create a more hopeful and healthy tomorrow.

More detailed information can be found on this website. To join our effort and contribute to this great initiative in your own way, consider ways you can

Though sustainability is most often associated with natural resources, it also encompasses human society, cultural heritage, ideas, values, and ethics. Universities play a vital role in fostering the interdisciplinary thinking that is essential in defining and developing a responsible relationship between humans and the natural world.

The specific role of the Office of Sustainability at IU Kokomo is to raise awareness, provide resources, and facilitate community involvement, in order to promote a sustainable future. 

A Brighter Future for All

IU Kokomo offices opt to recycle only
Imagine a campus with no trash cans in its offices. Seem impossible? Not to the Office of Sustainability at Indiana University Kokomo. By April 2019, the goal is to recycle 75 percent of campus waste, by encouraging faculty, staff, and students in all offices to replace trash cans with recycling bins. The sustainability office and Physical Facilities are partnering to lead the education effort.
Holy Bat Box!
What do a group of college students and an auto components producer have in common? The desire to conserve the bat population in order to help the environment. Students in an Indiana University Kokomo conservation class partnered with General Motors Components Holdings (GMCH) to build shelters for bats, which will be placed around the local factory, as well as on campus. And while some people may think bats are scary or dangerous, they’ve learned that the animals actually have an important role to play in the environment.
Students perform ecological restoration on campus
Imagine a class project that provides shelter for deer and foxes, prevents soil erosion, and reduces air pollution. One Indiana University Kokomo class gives its students the opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment, by studying conservation issues and choosing one problem to solve.
Students tackle food desert with food oasis
Feeding a family is a difficult task if you don’t have easy access to a grocery store. A group of Indiana University Kokomo students did their part to solve the food desert problem on the north side of Kokomo, building and stocking what they’re calling a food oasis — a large wooden box filled with nonperishable food items, toiletries, diapers, and other items that are difficult to find when there aren’t grocery stores nearby.
Last updated: 12/12/2018