Outreach Activities

Possible Outreach Activities in the School of Sciences

(updated October 2013)

Indiana Fossils (Leda Casey):

Students explore what Indiana looked like during the Paleozoic time period.  They get hands-on experience identifying Indiana’s dominant fossils, and we discuss the habitats and behavior of the animals They also explore where these fossil remains are found today across the state, and how the state has changed since the Paleozoic. Appropriate for MS students.  

Solar Observation – day or other observations - nights (Patrick Motl):

During the day, visitors can view the Sun in white light to see sunspots and through a hydrogen alpha filter to see solar prominences. During the evening, visitors can view the moon, planets and seasonal objects as available through our two telescopes.  Weather permitting, of course. These activities are appropriate for all ages.

Alternative Energy (Kasem Kasem and/or Leda Casey):

Some demonstration to students about alternative sources of energy such as solar, wind energy. Some aspects about the efficiency of solar, wind energy were discussed and it will be further explained. MS and HS students.

Pond water examination (Christian Chauret):

Microscopic observation of the variety of microorganism in a pond water  ecosystem. Discussions about microorganisms and health, pathogens, waterborne diseases and treatment. Can be adapted from 3rd grade to 12th grade.

Encoding and decoding message (Linda Krause)

Mathematics can be used to code secret documents.  Find out how much fun it is to encode and decode each other’s messages.