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School of Sciences
I've always loved science. I like the idea of being part of discovering new things. The professors at IU Kokomo are very invested in their students. I could never have done it without them. I talk to many of them daily about my future.
Kortany Baker
B.S. '16, Biochemistry

An Environment of Endless Curiosity

You’re full of big questions. You’re endlessly curious. You love to discover, to analyze, and to dive in and learn something inside and out. You belong in the School of Sciences at Indiana University Kokomo.

At IU Kokomo, we believe that smaller class sizes mean students and professors get to collaborate and learn from and with each other. We believe when you have the opportunity to research for yourself, you learn better than simply sitting through lectures. We believe in preparing you for whatever comes next through whatever means necessary, whether it’s getting our hands dirty out in the field or seeing our names together on a published professional journal article of research we did side by side. When you graduate after spending time in the School of Sciences, you’ll be ready. For whatever. Whether that means launching your career or taking the next step towards your dreams by entering graduate school, you’ll be ready.

IU Kokomo student sits with Kindergarteners
Kindergarteners at an event
Teacher sits with her students

If you know it’s time to dive in and begin your own adventure in the School of Sciences, let’s talk. Contact an admissions counselor today to get started.

Undergraduate Degrees

A bachelor’s degree in one of the following may be required for the pre-professional programs above: Biochemistry, Biological and Physical Sciences, or Biology.

Assessment information for our undergraduate degrees is available from our Assessment landing page. Note, joint online degrees report assessment separately.

A Lifetime of Success

Ornithology class takes students on field experiences
Bundled up in winter coats and hats, the small group of students watches as a flock of sandhill cranes descend from the sky, extending their long, skinny legs to land in the marshes of the Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area. In the hour before sunset, more and more of the birds come to roost, taking a break from their migration to rest and refuel. The noise of their rattling calls becomes louder and louder, clearly audible even before they can be seen in Goose Pasture. “It was pretty loud by the time we reached the observation deck,” said Victoria Brooks, an Indiana University Kokomo student who visited as part of a Principles of Ornithology class.
Geysers, mountains, and wildlife highlight trip
Does just talking about learning give you goosebumps? Jenni Weideman is walking along a path at Yellowstone National Park. She has just hiked a trail alongside the park’s spectacular gorge and gazed down at the magnificent waterfall. She has loved geology since she was a child, but it was taking a class at IU Kokomo that made her want to study it formally. She has begun pursuing a minor in sustainability studies, and now she’s taking an immersive class that includes a field experience at America’s oldest national park.
Students practice ethical hacking
To be one of the good guys in the cyber security world, you have to think like the bad guys — but one step faster. Eight students in an Indiana University Kokomo informatics class practiced their skills in cryptography, hacking, and wireless access exploitation, in the National Cyber League (NCL) competition. The competition is a defensive and offensive puzzle-based, capture-the-flag style program, showcasing students’ skills against cybersecurity challenges they will likely face in the workforce.
Research experience leads to dental school
When your dental school application includes hands-on research with a professor, as well as publication credit, you stand out from the crowd. For Mary Elmasry, her experience studying photoelectric chemistry with Kasem Kasem, Indiana University Kokomo professor of chemistry, helped her achieve her dream of acceptance to the IU School of Dentistry.
Last updated: 12/12/2018