Bachelor of Science Degree in Informatics

Informatics, aka applied computing or simply computer studies, is the study and application of information technology to a particular area or discipline of study.  Informatics also considers the use of information and technology in organizations and society at large.  Information technology (IT) is rapidly changing the world, creating new challenges and opportunities every day. Informatics equips students to study IT, consider its social impact, and find ways to use technology to solve problems. The Informatics program’s aim is to produce qualified IT professionals who understand the ways people work with and use information, and who can develop solutions that are effective and easy-to-use. Informatics emphasizes problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, communication, and teamwork along with technical skills and knowledge.

An informatics degree prepares graduates for a range of positions. Some of the career options include database designer/developer, bioinformatics specialist, chemical informatics specialist, interaction designer, information architect, IT consultant, multimedia specialist, web designer, software developer, system administrator, system analysts, webmaster, etc.

The informatics degree program at IU Kokomo features small classrooms and personalized instruction.  In addition to learning about information technology and its applications, students will choose a cognate as an area of specialization.  This multi-disciplinary curriculum will prepare you for the challenges of an IT career in the 21st century.