Chemical Biology

Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Biology

Chemical biology involves the application of chemical techniques, tools, and synthesized molecules to the study of and transformation of biological systems. It is a very practical discipline that interfaces biology and chemistry. This type of curriculum produces broadly trained interdisciplinary scientists. With such a diverse background in chemistry and biology, these students are well prepared to address challenges in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  

At IU Kokomo, the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Biology is designed to prepare students for health-related professional schools including medical school, as well as for admission to graduate programs in chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and biological sciences. The degree provides a strong background in mathematics and sciences for students wishing to enter the workforce in research and development or to work for an organization whose focus is on environmental management.

Building on the General Education requirements of the campus, students pursuing this degree will have the opportunity to take more biology courses than is the case for those earning the B.S. in Chemistry degree.

  • Students will be exposed to the major areas of chemistry and biology, including research, and an internship opportunity. Through this course of study, majors will find themselves well prepared for all possible avenues of employment, as well as for further study in a wide variety of graduate programs.
  • Students will have greater flexibility with the science electives they choose, allowing them to individually tailor their degree program to their particular interests and career goals. For example, students wanting to continue their studies in an area of biology could take the biology capstone course and focus their research on an area of biology rather than chemistry.
  • Students will be exposed to computer applications of the subject matter they learn, including the potential of data mining.
  • Students will develop oral and written communication skills.