Chemical Biology

Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Biology

Degree Requirements

The degree requirement for the B.S. in Chemical Biology includes 120 credits with a GPA of at least 2.0. 30 of the last 60 credits must be completed at IU Kokomo. In addition to courses required for the campus-wide general education curriculum, students must takes courses in chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and informatics. The following courses must be taken and appropriate prerequisites must be met as listed in the Course Catalog.  


Communication Skills and Information Literacy (9 cr)

ENG-W131 Elementary Composition I

ENG-W132 Elementary Composition II

SPCH-S121 Public Speaking

 Quantitative Literacy

Satisfied by the Mathematics and Informatics courses for the major


Critical Thinking (3 cr)

Satisfied by the major                                                            


Cultural Diversity (3 cr)

One course from the list:  (See your advisor for other courses)                                                     

INFO-I356, SOC-S100, HSS-F200, SPCH-S302, SPCH-S427, EDUC-M300, BUS-D301, SPEA-V130, SPEA-J355, FOLK-F101, any 100-level or above foreign language course                                            


Ethics and Civic Engagement (3 cr)

One course from the list:                                                       

PHIL-P100 Introduction to Philosophy, PHIL-P140 Introduction to Ethics, PHIL-P383 Topic in Philosophy, HPER-P402 Ethics in Sports                                       


Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 cr)

(One course from each group) See your academic advisor for a complete list.

Sociology & Psychology                                                                                

SOC-S100 Introduction to Sociology, SOC-S101 Social Problems & Policies, PSY-P103 General Psychology             

Political Science, History and Economics*                           

POLS-Y103 Intro to American Politics, POLS-Y217 Introduction to Comparative Politics, POLS-Y219 Intro to Intl Relations, HIST-H105 American History I, HIST-H106 American History II, HIST-H113 History of Western Civilization I, HIST-H114 History of Western Civilization II                                       


Humanities and Arts (6 cr)

(One course from each group)

Fine, Performing and Communication Arts:              

FINA-A101, FINA-A102, FINA-A108, FINA-F100, FINA-S200, HUMA-U101, HUMA-U102, HUMA-U103, HUMA-U305, MUS-M174, MUS-Z201, MUS-X001, MUS-X040, THTR-T120, ENG-W203                                                                                  

Literature and Philosophy:                                                     

Any PHIL course except PHIL-P150, any ENG-L or ENG-E, SPAN-S360 Introduction to Spanish Literature     


Physical and Life Sciences (8 cr)

Satisfied by the major



 SSCI-S105 Freshman Seminar in Natural Sciences & Mathemtics (1 cr)             

Chemistry Courses (33 cr)

CHEM-C105/125 General Chemistry I/Lab (5 cr)

CHEM-C106/126 General Chemistry II/Lab ‡ (5 cr)

CHEM-C341/343 Organic Chemistry I/Lab ‡ (5 cr)

CHEM-C342/344 Organic Chemistry II/Lab ‡ (5 cr)

CHEM-C310/311 Analytical Chemistry/Lab ‡ (5 cr)

CHEM-C361 Introductory Physical Chemistry I ‡ (3 cr)

CHEM-C329 Biochemistry 1: Proteins and Enzymes ‡ (5 cr)

Biology Courses (21 cr)

BIOL-L105 Introduction to Biology (5 cr)

BIOL-L211/213 Molecular Biology and Lab (5 cr)

BIOL-L367 Cell Physiology (3 cr)

BIOL-L321 Principles of Immunology ‡ (3 cr)

MICR-M310 Microbiology ‡ (3 cr)

MICR-M315 Microbiology Lab ‡ (2 cr)

 Physics Courses (10 cr)

PHYS-P201 General Physics I  ‡ (5 cr)

PHYS-P202 General Physics II ‡ (5 cr)


PHYS-P221 Physics I  ‡ (5 cr)

PHYS-P222 Physics II ‡ (5 cr)

Mathematics and Informatics Courses (12 cr)

MATH-M215 Calculus ‡ (5 cr)

MATH-K310 Statistical Techniques ‡ (3 cr)

INFO-I101 Introduction to Informatics (4 cr)

Capstone and Research Courses (6-8 cr)

BIOL-L 403 Biology Seminar (Capstone) (3 cr) ‡ OR

        CHEM-C 495 Chemistry Capstone (3 cr) ‡                   

BIOL-L 490 Individual Study (Biology Research) (3-5 cr) ‡ OR

CHEM-C 409 Chemistry Research (3-5 cr) ‡

Chemistry, Biology and other Science Electives (to complete 120 cr.)

CHEM-C300 Energy and Green Chemistry ‡ (4 cr)

CHEM-C430 Inorganic Chemistry ‡ (3 cr)

BIOL-L364 Principles of  Genetics‡ (3 cr)

BIOL-L473/474 Ecology and Ecology Lab ‡ (3-5 cr)

PHSL-P416/418 Comparative Physiology Lecture &/or Lab (3-5 cr)

CHEM-Y398 Prof Practice Chemistry (3 cr)