Biological and Physical Sciences

Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological and Physical Sciences

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This program is recommended for students wishing to satisfy the preprofessional requirements for the Master's in Occupational Therapy and the Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees.

If you're interested in a broad-based science program that will enable you to pursue a variety of scientific careers or prepare for graduate school, Indiana University Kokomo's program in biological and physical sciences is one you'll want to consider. Graduates of this program have successfully found a variety of jobs with labs and companies. 

Since 2012, the School of Sciences offers a track in Earth and Sustainability Sciences within the B.S. in biological and physcial sciences. The objective of the track in Earth and Sustainability Sciences degree is to prepare students for environmentally-related professional schools involving both fundamental and applied research and/or policy issues, for admission to graduate programs in environmental law and other related fields, or for employment with federal or state agencies, industry, or the private sector. With a diverse background in geology, biology, chemistry, and physics students will be well prepared to address challenges in environmental applications related to air, water, and soil analyses as well as environmental impacts on ecosystems and the sustainability of the species living within those ecosystems. 

To earn the B.S. in biological and physical sciences, you'll need a minimum of 120 credit hours. If you're planning to enter graduate school after earning a B.S. degree, you'll want to inquire about IU Kokomo's preprofessional tracks in biology, premedicine, and predentistry. Graduates who have followed these tracks have been accepted into advanced programs in medical, dental, optometry and chiropractic schools throughout the country. The biological and physical science degree program also offers tracks in pre-Physical Therapy and pre-Occupational Therapy which allow students to fulfill all prerequisites for these professional programs while at the same time earning a bachelor's degree.


Biology Field Experience - McCormick’s Creek