Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry

The objective of the B.S. in Biochemistry program is to prepare students for health-related professional schools including medical, pharmacy, and dental school, as well as for admission to graduate programs in biochemistry, molecular biology, and biological sciences. Students with a diverse background in chemistry and biochemistry are ready to address challenges in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Graduates of the biochemistry program have the appropriate background for a wide range of careers. They can enter professional schools (medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, etc.). They can directly work in a variety of settings including toxicology labs, pharmaceutical labs, and basic research labs. In addition, the combined chemistry/biology background students will develop, coupled with the appropriate education courses, will position them well to teach either of these subjects in high school.

The unique feature of this degree program is the preparation of students to understand the biochemistry of cells, such as metabolism, cytokinetics, and enzyme kinetics. Students with this degree are well prepared to address issues of the effects of increasing concentrations of some of the components of modern materials (for example, plasticizers and polymer constituents) on the physiology of various species. Students also experience undergraduate research and gain skills at presenting research data at conferences and in journals.