Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Mathematics

The Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Mathematics is designed for those individuals who already hold a bachelor's degree in a discipline other than mathematics, but wish to pursue employment or graduate work in the field of mathematics.


1. Students must possess an earned baccalaureate degree. Current majors in mathematics and individuals who have successfully completed a degree with a major in mathematics are ineligible for the certificate.

2. Students must complete a minimum of 25 credit hours with a GPA of at least 2.0 and a minimum grade of C- in each course.

3. All students must complete:  MATH M215 & M216 Calculus I & II (10 cr); MATH M311 Calculus III (3 cr) and MATH M303 Linear Algebra for Undergraduates (3 cr).

4.  In addition, students must select three from the following courses:

MATH M313  Elementary Differential Equations with Applications

MATH T336  Topics in Euclidean Geometry

MATH M360  Elements of Probability

MATH M366  Elements of Statistical Inference (P:  M360)

MATH M403  Introduction of Modern Algebra

MATH M413  Introduction to Analysis I

MATH M414  Introduction to Analysis II (P:  M413)

MATH M415  Elementary Complex Variables with Applications

MATH M447  Mathematical Models and Applications I (P:  M311, C: M360)

MATH M471  Numerical Analysis I (P:  M313)

MATH M472  Numerical Analysis II (P:  M471)

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