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School of Sciences
I've always loved science. I like the idea of being part of discovering new things. The professors at IU Kokomo are very invested in their students. I could never have done it without them. I talk to many of them daily about my future.
Kortany Baker
B.S. '16, Biochemistry

In the School of Sciences, we offer students small class sizes and research opportunities with faculty. Our programs prepare students for the path they want to take, whether it's a career right after college or entrance into a graduate or a professional school. For example, three IU Kokomo graduates started in medical school in 2016 and one started at the IU School of Dentistry. Another graduate began in a Ph.D. program in biochemistry in 2016. Our graduates also work for a variety of businesses in scientific fields and in information systems.


  • Biochemistry (B.S.)
  • Biological and Physical Sciences (B.A. • B.S.)
    Tracks in: Earth and Sustainability Sciences (B.S.)
  • Biology  (B.A. • B.S.)
  • Chemical Biology (B.S.)
  • Chemistry (B.A. • B.S.)
  • Computer Science (B.S.)
  • General Studies (B.G.S.)
  • Informatics (B.S.)
  • Informatics Online (B.S.)
  • Mathematics (B.A. • B.S.)

Pre-Professional Programs

A bachelor’s degree in one of the following may be required for the pre-professional programs above: Biochemistry, Biological and Physical Sciences, or Biology.

Areas of Practice

  • Agriculture • Research • Pharmaceutical • Medicine • Teacher • Lab Technician • Consultant • Pharmaceutical Sales Rep • Researcher • Biologist • Molecular Biologist • Microbiologist • Quality Control Analyst • Field Biologist • Zoologist • Chemist • Food Chemist • Petroleum Chemist • Biochemist • Medical Technologist • Renewable Energy Technician/Specialist
  • Conservation Officer • Environmental Specialist • Geologist • Software Developer • Web Developer • Database Designer • Systems Analyst • Interface Designer • Usability Analyst • IT Consultant • Bioinformaticist • Technical Writer • Information Architect • Quality Assurance Analyst • Systems Administrator • Solutions Sales Specialist • Engineering • Statistics

Types of Employers

  • Chemical Companies • Analytical Labs • K-12 Schools • Universities • Environmental Testing • Water and Wastewater Treatment • Forensics • Agro-business • Food Business • Zoos • Nuclear Power • Biochemical • Mineralogy • Foods and Nutrition • Petroleum Industry • Research • Hospitals • Clinics • Laboratories • Environmental Firms
  • State, County, and Federal Agencies • Energy Businesses • Recycling Industry • Environmental Consultants • IT Industry • Healthcare-IT • Government • Academia • Private Corporations • Non-profit Organizations • Publicly Traded Corporations • Insurance Companies • Financial Firms and Banks • Telecommunication • Pharmaceutical and Health Industry

A Lifetime of Success

Computer science degree helps fill demand
Indiana University Kokomo will offer a computer science degree beginning this fall semester – allowing students access to a high-paying, fast-growing career field in the state and across the country. The Indiana Commission for Higher Education approved the four-year degree, which will help fill some of the gap for computer science graduates in every sector, from manufacturing to banking, from agriculture to health care. Christian Chauret, dean of the School of Sciences, said there are not enough people earning computer science degrees to fill the jobs available.
Conservation the focus in Yellowstone class
There’s nothing quite like learning in a two million acre classroom where the buffalo (or bison) roam, where the deer and the antelope play. Twelve Indiana University Kokomo students spent a week this summer in Yellowstone National Park, observing the wolf pack and bison herd, meeting with stakeholders in controversies surrounding the park, and learning about the geology and biology of America’s first national park.
Math degree opens doors for Tipton resident
Justin Murray’s original plan was to earn a business degree from Indiana University Kokomo, to prepare him to run his family’s auto body business. A calculus class changed his major — and his career path. “I decided to take the class because it was interesting to me,” he said. “One class led to another, and then I got a job in the campus math lab as a tutor. Those classes, and the tutoring, made me realize I wanted to switch my major to mathematics.”
Nigerian student pursues medical school
Oluwatimilehin Soyoola left her home in Nigeria at age 17, pursuing her dreams of becoming a doctor. She moved halfway across the world to enroll at Indiana University Kokomo, where family friends assured her she would earn a respected degree, while having hands on research opportunities. Oluwatimilehin, who goes by Timmy, researches with Christian Chauret, dean of the School of Sciences, serves as an orientation leader, and participates in the science club and Light and Truth Christian student organization.
Last updated: 12/01/2017