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Faculty Mentorship

studentFaculty, if a student lists your name as their faculty mentor when submitting an abstract to the conference you'll be notified via email. We strongly encourage all faculty who have a student participating in this event to contact the student and meet with them to assist the student with developing their presentation or poster for the conference. For many students this event will be their first academic conference experience and so your advice and mentorship can be of great assistance to the student.

The conference organizers will make sure that all participating students are aware of the basic structure of doing a conference presentation or poster session and we have IT Trainer, Greg Ogle, who can assist students in printing their posters. However, this information doesn't’t help each individual student with their presentation specifically so mentorship from individual faculty is greatly appreciated by students.

Also if you have a student participating in the event please, if possible, attend their presentation or visit their poster session.  A conference schedule will be sent to you before the symposium so you know when your student is presenting.

Last updated: 09/21/2018