Register for Classes

Students register using One.IU at is generally available Monday-Saturday, 7am-10:30pm and Sunday, 8am-10:30pm.  To use One.IU, you must have an active IU network ID and passphrase.  To obtain your network ID and passphrase, go to or contact the IU Kokomo Helpdesk at (765) 455-9315.

Before You Register

  1. Get Admitted - If you have not previously attended IU Kokomo or any other IU campus, you must be admitted to the university before you can register for classes. Please contact the Office of Admissions  for application materials and more information.
  2. Reactivation - If you have been away for two or more semesters you will have to be reactivated. Need more information?
  3. Financial Aid – Contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Kelley Student Center, room 230, or call (765) 455-9216 or go to their website:
  4. Check Registration Dates and Appointment Information – Go to (new link) to find early, open, and late registration dates and early registration appointment information.
  5. Holds  - Log in to One.IU to verify you don’t have any holds that will prevent you from registering.  If you do, you must contact the office that placed the hold to find out what must be done to remove the hold.  You will not be able to register for classes until your holds have been cleared. 
  6. Schedule of Classes – Review the Schedule of Classes at (link to new SOC page).  You may put courses in your planner and once your early registration appointment has been set, you may move courses from your planner to your shopping cart prior to meeting with your academic advisor.
  7. Advising – Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your course selections and degree requirements.  Your advisor can help you obtain any needed class permissions for courses requiring instructor or department consent or major or school authorizations.
  8. Register for Classes – Follow the registration steps below to register for classes.

One.IU Registration Steps

1. Login to One.IU at

2. In the search bar at the top where it says “What would you like to do?” Search “Student Center.”

3. Select the “Student Center” (SIS All campuses option). Select the “Enrollment Shopping cart link (second from the top). Select the correct Enrollment term.

4. If you know the 4 or 5 digit class number of the class you would like to enroll in, type it into the white box, click the green enter button, and proceed to step 6.  If you do not know the class number, click on the radio button next to “Class Search” and proceed to step 5.

5. On the Class Search page either enter the valid subject (e.g., ENG-W) or enter the 3- or 4-character subject abbreviation (e.g., ENG) to get a list of classes being offered for that discipline. 

6. Click on the “Add to Shopping Cart” button to pick the desired class section. Do the same for all of the courses you wish to enroll in.

7. Once you have add all your courses to your shopping cart, select the courses. Then click on validate. Then click on shopping cart.

8. Once your classes have been validated, select the classes and then click enroll. A box will come up that says “You are about to leave Enrollment Shopping Cart and Enter Registrar & Drop/Add.” Click Ok.

9. Verify that the class shown on the screen is the class you want to enroll in, and click “Finish Enrolling.”  If you do not click “Finish Enrolling,” the class will not be added to your schedule.

10. If you are successful, you will receive a “Success” message; if you are not successful, you will receive an “Error” message. Read the red “Error” message displayed for more information.

11. Once you have selected all of your classes, print a copy of your schedule. Be sure to log out of One.IU once you’ve completed the enrollment process. 

Waitlisting Classes

If you register for a class that is closed but waitlist eligible, you have the option to get on a waiting list in case seats open up in the class. Once you add yourself to waitlist, it is your responsibility to monitor the status of your waitlist request and pay any resulting fees by the due date.  A notification will be sent to your IU email account if your waitlist request is satisfied.

  1. To add yourself to a waitlist, check the ‘Waitlist OK’ box.
  2. If you would like to drop a class if a waitlist request is satisfied, enter the Class Number of the course you wish to drop in the ‘Drop if Enrolled’ field.


  • Make sure that the class meeting times you are trying to waitlist do not conflict with the classes you are already registered for or you will be passed over when seats open up.
  • Check on the status of your waitlist request online in OneStart. After the last day of waitlist processing (4th day of the term for Fall or Spring semester; for Summer semester see deadlines here, all unsatisfied waitlist requests expire, even though they will continue to appear in your class schedule.
  • You must drop a waitlist requested class just as you would any registered class if you no longer want to take the course.