Public Administration and Health Management

Minor in Health Management

The Department of Public Administration and Health Management provides the opportunity to earn a minor in Health Management. Students may obtain a minor in Health management by successfully fulfilling the following requirements:

Requirements: 5 courses (15 credit hours total) from the following, chosen in consultation with PAHM Faculty/Advisor.

Elective Courses 5 courses (15 credits)

  • PAHM-H320 Health Systems Administration (3cr)
  • PAHM-H354 Health Economics (3cr)
  • PAHM-H352 Health Finance and Budgeting (3cr)
  • PAHM-H365  Health Administration Practicum (3cr)
  • PAHM-V373 Human Resources Mgmt in the Public Sector (3cr)
  • PAHM-H401 Strategic Planning for Health Care Organizations (3cr) 

Should be taken after PAHM H-432, or similar course

  • PAHM-H402 Hospital Administration (3cr)
  • PAHM-H411  Long-Term Care Administration (3cr)
  • PAHM-H432 Health Care Marketing (3cr)
  • PAHM-H441  Legal Aspects of Health Care (3cr)
  • PAHM-H474  Health Administration Ethics (3cr)
  • PAHM-H455  Topics in Public Health (3cr)
  • PAHM-H456  Managed Care (3cr)
  • PAHM course approved by School of Business

Students must earn a minimum of C- in each course, and a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0.

For the most current requirements for this minor, please visit our Academic Bulletin