Public Administration and Health Management

Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration and Health Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Bachelor of Science in Public Administration (BSPA) 

  • How many classes do I have to take? You will take a total of 120 credits hours or 40 courses.
  • What kinds of classes will I have to take? You will take class in the following  areas: public management, nonprofit management, critical thinking, communication, diversity, analytical skills, natural sciences,  social sciences, and ethics
  • How many students will be in my classes? In most cases you will have 15-25 students in each class.
  • What are faculty qualifications? Ninety-three percent hold a Ph.D. and the remaining seven percent are adjunct faculty who are specialized professionals.
  • Can I do an internship with this program? Yes you can participate in internship
  • Can I study abroad with this degree? Yes you can!
  • Will you help me find a job when I graduate? We have a career office that can help you look for a job in addition to other avenues that you may explore.
  • Are there student organizations for this degree? There are several student organizations on campus.
  • How can I get in touch with my professor? By telephone, email or office visit.
  • Do I get an advisor to help me schedule classes? There are two academic advisors that could help you plan your studies in SPEA.
  • Can I double-major? Yes, you can!
  • Can I minor in anything I want? Yes, you can!

What kind of job can I get with this degree?  You can find jobs as:

  • Account Manager
  • City Management
  • Client Manager
  • Community Development
  • Compliance Auditor
  • County Government Official
  • Director of Economic Development
  • Federal Government Administrator
  • Federal Environmental Specialist
  • Financial Officer
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Management Analyst
  • Policy Analyst
  • Private Consultant
  • State Government Administrator
  • Strategic Planner
  • Grant Writer
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Hospital Chief Operations Officer
  • Graduate Study
  • Law School