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IU Kokomo Bus Guidelines and Policies

Use of "IU Kokomo & Bus" or "University-Owned" Vehicle

RATIONALE: As a "University-owned" vehicle, the IU Kokomo Bus is a resource of the University and should not be used for purposes other than the business of the University nor used in a manner which is unlawful or reflects poorly on the University. This policy is issued for the safety and protection of students, faculty, staff, and others using the roadways.POLICY:Employees or agents of the University may use the University Vehicle if the use is for University Business and if the appropriate approvals and reservations have been made students who wish to use University Vehicles must:

  • A recognized student group with an active student group account, including sport teams, that has obtained approval for travel in furtherance of educational or group objectives;
  • A student or group of students that has obtained approval for travel in furtherance of educational objectives as approved by a "Faculty Member."
  • Apply for and obtain the appropriate approvals for the proposed travel using the Bus Trip Request Form.
  • Be accompanied by an Approved University Employee if 6 or more students are in the group. When evaluating applications, the entire number of students undertaking a trip to a given destination will be considered together. Separate applications on behalf of multiple "groups" of five or fewer to avoid the requirement of an Approved University Employee accompanying the group will be combined.
  • If, at any time during the trip (i.e., whether driving to or from the destination or short/side trips or incidental driving after reaching the destination), more than 5 students are in the vehicle, the Approved University Employee must accompany the group. Groups that have more than one vehicle, and that anticipate that groups of 5 or more students may need to be transported at the same time, should plan to have sufficient Approved University Employees on the trip to remain in compliance with this policy at all times.
  • If a question arises concerning whether a trip is "in furtherance of group/ team or educational objectives," the Office of Administration and Finance shall make an initial determination of whether the proposed trip is within those objectives.
  • Only university-related individuals are permitted to utilize the IU Kokomo Bus.
  • Eligible handicapped individuals requesting participation in a Bus Trip must be provided with a separate van as the IU Kokomo Bus does not have a ramp and is not handicapped accessible.
  • An individual who is not an employee, agent or student of the University, or an entity or group that is not affiliated with the University, may not use the IU Kokomo Bus.
  • Exception: In the case of student activities or organizations that are typically overseen by University employees other than Faculty Members, approval for the travel shall be obtained from the administrative staff person responsible for the activity. Approval for this exception must be obtained from the Office of Budget Administration.
  • One the group recieves confirmation the bus is available, the group must file the trip with Bloomington Travel and get a trip number to be added to the reservation. 

It is the requestor's responsibility to arrange an IU Kokomo-approved bus driver. University Driver Requirements:

  • Be at least twenty-one years old.
  • Possess a valid CDL-Passenger's license of the type required by the vehicle used, and this license must be issued by one of the states, Commonwealths, territories, or possessions of the United States or by a Canadian province; other international licenses are not acceptable.
  • Have been approved to drive the bus by IU Kokomo's Human Resources Department. (Anyone can make application to be a driver with the HR Department.) All Drivers are subject to random drug testing by Indiana University.
  • Comply with all license restrictions.
  • Obey all laws of the jurisdiction in which he/she operates the University vehicle.

Driver Prohibitions. A University Driver shall not:

  • Allow anyone who is not authorized by the Human Resources' Driver Pool to operate the IU Kokomo Bus. All approved drivers must be listed on the vehicle use form when the bus is utilized.
  • Operate a University Vehicle with his/her ability to drive is impaired by alcohol or drugs (including legal drugs which diminish the capacity to drive safely).
  • Transport or consume alcoholic beverages or illegally possessed controlled substances in the University Vehicle.
  • Smoke or use tobacco products, or allow passengers to smoke or use tobacco products in a University Vehicle.

Limitations on Use.

  • University vehicles will be used only for University Business, or as permitted by Internal Revenue Service regulations governing 501(c)(3) entities. Incidental use is permitted. University Drivers may use the Bus as they reasonably see fit while on an approved trip. However, the Trustee's defense and indemnification and worker's compensation policies will apply only to incidental uses necessitated by the University Driver's absence from home due to the University Business purpose (i.e., driving to and from meals) and will not apply for incidental uses
    such as recreation or entertainment. In the latter case, any loss must be covered by the University Driver's personal auto, health or other applicable insurance.

Limitations on Coverage of Workers Compensation and The Trustees of Indiana University Defense and Indemnification Policies. In the event of an accident, the university's defense and indemnification policies and worker's compensation coverage will NOT apply in the following circumstances:

  • If the driver is using a University Vehicle, but is not on University Business.
  • If the driver's ability to operate the vehicle is impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  • If the driver is on sabbatical or other leave from the University.

When a trip is completed, the department must fill out a pay advice for the driver and a completed mileage form (including account information and manager signatures) to the Office of Facilities and Auxiliary Services.

Guidelines for "Trips" in "University-Owned" Vehicles

RATIONALE: The length of a trip and the time required to complete a trip can cause adverse effects for the ability of the operator to drive the vehicle.


  • On any trip with one or more passengers, one passenger should always be acting as the vehicle navigator.
  • Any trip (or trip segment) exceeding six hours must include at least one fifteen-minute rest stop.
  • Any trip (or trip segment) exceeding ten hours must include at least one thirty-minute (or more) stop in addition to the 15-minute rest stop.
  • No driver shall drive more than twelve hours during any 24-hour period. Driving time is inclusive of short rest stops. E.g., a driver leaving at 9:00 AM and stopping at 4:00 PM with one 15-minute stop and one 30-minute stop has driven seven hours. A driver going off-duty should not become the navigator.No trip segment shall exceed sixteen hours. After sixteen hours the driver(s) must stop for at least seven hours. This rule is to be observed even if there are multiple approved drivers.


  • University Driver - An employee or agent of the University, at least twenty-one years old, who possesses a CDL-Passenger License and has been listed in IU Kokomo's Human Resources Pool of Bus Drivers. A student, at least twenty-one years old, who is approved to drive the Bus under this policy. There may be more than one University Driver for a particular trip. All approved drivers must be listed on the vehicle use form when a vehicle is scheduled. A person on leave from the University (e.g., FMLA) shall not be approved as a University Driver.
  • University Vehicle - A motor vehicle owned, leased, or rented by Indiana University, or owned, leased, or rented by the Indiana University Foundation (IUF) and for which IUF is indemnified by the university, licensed for use on public roadways.
  • University Business - Those activities that further the mission of the University and, in the case of an employee of the University, are within the scope and authority of that person's employment. For example: Normal student transportation activities, e.g., handicapped students shuttles, Campus Bus, are deemed to be "in furtherance of educational objectives" within the course of their normal use.
  • Approved University Employee - 1) a full time employee as defined by Human Resources policies; 2) an instructor who holds the rank of Associate Instructor or higher. Faculty Member - The faculty shall consist of the Chancellors and all professors and instructors with tenure-related appointments.

RESPONSIBLE ORGANIZATION: Office of Budget Administration

Failure to comply with procedures concerning vehicle usage. Violations of this policy may result in suspension of university vehicle driving privileges for an appropriate period of time. In addition, the operator may be subject to university disciplinary procedures.

PROCEDURE REFERENCE: Any person found in violation of this policy is subject to the university's disciplinary policies. In addition, any person who violates this policy will be deemed to be acting outside the scope of the Trustees Officer's Liability Insurance policy. In the event of a claim or suit arising from an accident involving the use of the IU Kokomo Bus employees and/or agents in violation of this policy will not be indemnified.

Please be aware of Indiana University's policy on tobacco use.  This extends to all IU vehicles.

Last updated: 10/02/2015