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Auditorium Policies
Admission to Auditorium
  • There must be one person designated as the house manager. If the User does not have a house manager, Indiana University will provide one and the contract will reflect this additional fee. The house manager must be here before the house opens and must remain until the patrons have left.
  • No one will be admitted to the house before the scheduled time for doors to be opened to the public except those working in the program. Special arrangements may be made with the Auditorium Director for the handling of persons with physical disabilities.
  • No one will be admitted to the auditorium before the scheduled time for the auditorium to be opened to the User.
Advance Deliveries
  • Advance deliveries must be cleared with the auditorium director, addressed to IU Kokomo noting the name of the group, production, etc. User is responsible for costs incurred.
Advanced Deposit
  • Advance deposit may be required depending on the event. If required, the deposit will be applied toward the fee if program is held as  scheduled, retained if program is cancelled less than 30 days prior to program.
  • NO animals are permitted in the auditorium except: Those required in a production in which case they must be thoroughly broken to stage performance and recognized as experienced performers or Those giving assistance to the handicapped.
  • User must notify the auditorium director in advance that an animal will be used on stage. Animals may not be drugged and must have a handler attending them at all times.
Box Office and Ticket Sales
  • The box office is available to groups using the auditorium. It must be scheduled in advance with the auditorium director. The User will provide box office personnel.
  • Tickets are the responsibility of the user, and may be sold at other locations
  • Indiana University personnel cannot sell tickets for outside organizations using the auditorium.
Classrooms, common area, Havens room, and public use space
Curtain Time
  • All programs will start at the scheduled time unless delayed by the joint authority of the company manager and the Auditorium Director.
Curtains, Flying AND Scenery
  • Only scenery built properly and approved by the Auditorium Director may be used.
  • Any attachments to the stage floor (including tape) must be approved by the Auditorium Director.
  • Nothing will be attached to the curtains, cyclorama, or scrim.
  • Only properly trained personnel may load and operate the fly system.
Displays and Advertising
  • Displays and posters may be arranged in the auditorium lobby and in the showcases. All displays and posters must be approved in advance by the Auditorium Director.
  • No item may be placed on display outside of the building on University property without permission.
  • No posters or displays may be attached to the marble in the lobby area.
  • Tables and displays may not be arranged in a manner which blocks fire exit lanes.
  • Announcement of all programs in Havens Auditorium must be cleared with the Auditorium Director. This includes news releases, radio and television spots, etc.
Dressing Room
  • The auditorium has five dressing rooms with restroom facilities nearby.
  • Users needing dressing rooms need to reserve their use in advance.
  • Dressing rooms will not be opened before time to  open auditorium to User.
  • Dressing rooms will not be locked until user has  left for the day. A key cannot be provided to the User. Indiana University is not responsible for anything lost or stolen.
Late Closing Hour
  • Indiana University closes at 10:00pm during rehearsal days. Closing time for dress rehearsal and performances are 10:00pm or later due to length of production. The Auditorium Director has the right to clear the building or allow the program to continue at this time. User is responsible for extra expenses incurred due to overrun.
  • Havens Auditorium has a fully computerized lightning system.
  • Only personnel authorized by the Auditorium Director may operate the lighting system.
  • If the user needs more than a simple single scene light set, the User must supply at least two weeks in advance a complete light plot and a complete script marked with light cues unless other arrangements have been made with the Auditorium Director.
Non-Exclusive Use
  • The Auditorium Director will determine usage of Havens Auditorium through communication with all concerned parties. (i.e. More than one group might be using the facility at the same time or back to back).
Orchesta Use
  • Only personnel authorized by the Auditorium Director may operate the orchestra lift.
  • Parking for personnel involved with the production will be arranged with the Auditorium Director.
  • Parking for patrons is available in student parking areas only.
  • Parking is allowed in marked parking spaces only. Any violation of these rules by either user or their patrons can void the contract with the University
  • Security for parking, if needed, will be provided at a cost to the user. The need for parking security will be decided by Indiana University.
Persons Backstage
  • Persons not directly connected with the performance or program are not allowed backstage before or during a performance or program. Guests may be admitted after the performance of program.
  • The user is obligated to utilize the services of the Auditorium Director, janitorial crew and other personnel that the auditorium Director deems necessary to operate the Auditorium properly. The user will pay a personnel fee for use of personnel.
  • The user must supply ushers, ticket takers, and box office personnel.
  • Havens Auditorium is not a union house. 
  • The photographing, filming, video taping, and recording is at the discretion of the User and must comply with copyright laws. User is responsible for any copyright permits.
  • No equipment may be set up in the aisles or block any doors.
  • Havens Auditorium has a Steinway grand piano, an electric piano, and an upright spinet piano which may be used.
  • The Grand piano is tuned at the discretion of the Auditorium Director. If the User specifically wants the piano tuned at any other time the User will be billed.
  • The Auditorium Director will specify who tunes the piano.
Serving Refreshments
  • No food or drink may be taken into the Auditorium area at any time except as required by the script. No food or drink may be taken into the academic wing of the building.
  • No intoxicants are to be used in any portion of the building or on any University grounds. Their use constitutes a violation of state law and violators will be prosecuted.
  • All refreshments served must be coordinated through Campus Even Planning Coordinator. There will be no exceptions.
  • Indiana University Kokomo is a tobacco free campus. Use of tobacco anywhere  on campus is prohibited.

Sound Equipment
  • Only personnel authorized by the Auditorium Director may operate the sound equipment.
  • The User must supply their own sound board operator if One is needed. The Auditorium Director will train personnel if  necessary.
Strike and Removal of Equipment/Scenery
  • The striking of scenery or equipment from the auditorium must be accomplished immediately following the final performance, unless specific arrangements are made in advance with the Auditorium Director.
  • The User is responsible to remove all scenery and equipment brought in. The University provides no trash facilities. Any cost incurred removing items, including man hours, will be billed to the User.
Scene Shop
  • The equipment in the scene shop is to be used only by personnel authorized by Auditorium Director.
  • Use of the scene shop is very limited. We do not provide a space for you to build your productions.
  • Permission to use the scene shop must be obtained from the Auditorium Director each time the shop is to be used. We do no give blanket permission.
Last updated: 06/13/2018