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Parking Regulations

All areas and facilities in the University parking system are under the authority of IU Parking Operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Regulations are subject to amendment and are in effect and enforced at all times. In cases of conflict, signs and markings should be presumed correct and will take precedence over any conflicting designation or information. All Indiana State Laws apply to vehicles and movement of vehicles on the IU campus. Motorcycles must follow the same rules as automobiles.

  • Permit eligibility is determined by employment/student status and affiliation with the university. 
  • "Purchasing an IU parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space, merely the opportunity to park in a specified area as defined by the privileges of the permit. 
  • All IU permits are the property of Indiana University. Permits are not transferable or available for resale.
  • "All students, faculty, and staff who park a vehicle on campus or at any designated IU meeting facility must properly display a valid IU parking permit. All permit numbers and the barcode must be visible at all times.
  • Location for a hangtag permit should be hanging from the rearview mirror or on the driver's side of the dashboard. 
  • Open top vehicle sticker permits should be placed in the center of the windshield, behind the rearview mirror.  It is also acceptable to place the permit inside a clear, lockable permit holder and affix it to the rearview mirror. 
  • Motorcycle sticker permits should be affixed to the front fork of the motorcycle.  It is also acceptable to place the sticker permit inside a clear, lockable permit holder and affix it to the handlebars."
  • Intercampus parking with a valid permit is allowed as determined by the campus where the customer is parking.  For details on parking privileges at other IU campuses, visit
  • Permit holders may use their permit on any vehicle they are driving, as long as all vehicles are registered with IU Parking Operations.  Vehicles may be registered through the IU Parking Portal (suggest making this a hyperlink to the IU Portal).  Vehicles being used in a short-term capacity, such as a rental car or loaner vehicle, are not required to be registered.
  • Permits will not be sold or issued to anyone who has an outstanding balance on their parking account.
  • Permits should be returned to the parking office upon a change in eligibility or affiliation with the University.
  • Permit holders are responsible for ensuring their expired permit is destroyed. Fraudulent use of an expired permit by someone else may not relieve the original permit holder from responsibility.
  • The person in whose name a parking permit is issued is responsible for all violations by all vehicles displaying that permit. Drivers of University vehicles are responsible for violations they receive while operating the vehicle.
  • If you lose your parking permit or it is stolen, you will need to submit a lost/stolen form in order to receive a replacement permit and fees may apply. If a lost permit is found after it has been reported, return it to the Parking Office or University Police immediately. Use of the permit may result in fines and vehicle impoundment.
  • If your permit is determined to be defective it may be exchanged.
  • It is your responsibility to read and understand the parking rules for your permit type. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse to avoid paying parking fines.
  • Use of certain parking spaces or lots may be temporarily restricted to facilitate special events, construction, maintenance or other unusual circumstances.  Inability to park in these areas will not warrant a discount or refund of parking fees.
  • Permit required areas are designated by appropriate signage. Designated areas may be revised as parking needs change.
  •  Faculty and students are never permitted to park in visitor spaces."
  • Lack of parking spaces, mechanical problems, inclement weather or other disabilities does not authorize a vehicle to park in a location without the appropriate permit for a specific zone.  Your vehicle is not exempt from receiving a parking citation if the surrounding vehicles are in violation of the parking rules (including IU Service vehicles) or if you have activated your hazard lights.
  • "Driving and parking of motor vehicles on campus are confined to areas designated for parking as directed by the University Police, Parking Services, or the University Architect's Office.  Parking is prohibited in any area that creates a hazard or interferes with the use of University facilities by others.  A vehicle is deemed parked when the vehicle is stationary, whether occupied or not.
  • The absence of 'No Parking' signs does not mean that parking is allowed. Parking is not allowed along curbs in parking lots unless marked for parking. Parking is permitted only within marked stalls. All areas not specifically designated for parking shall be considered 'No Parking' zones."
  • "Parking on the lawns, landscape, and grass is always prohibited. Parking on sidewalks, crosswalks, service drives, restricted areas, loading zones, docks, emergency zones, construction and maintenance areas, truck spaces, or on streets, except where specifically marked for parking, is prohibited.
  • Blocking a drive, entrance to a building or another vehicle is not allowed.  Violators may be subject to citation and tow.
  • Yellow curbs and fire drives are not parking spaces. Vehicles may be ticketed and towed if left unattended in these areas.
  • Any area of roadway, including that area within a parking lot which is not specifically marked for parking, loading, or as a fire lane, is defined as a driveway. Parking in driveways is prohibited."
  • Double parking and parallel parking on the wrong side of the street is prohibited at all times.
  • Vehicles must be parked completely between two lines.  Vehicles parked with tires touching or over the stall marker are subject to citation.  Exceptions will be made in instances where there is enough space between one line and a curb on end spaces.
  • University parking lots are intended to provide short-term parking for those who are conducting university business on campus. They are not intended to provide long-term parking or storage of a motor vehicle or other conveyance. 
  • Any vehicle violating parking rules may be towed without prior notice and stored at the owner's expense. Vehicles abandoned on IU property will be disposed of according to Indiana State law.
IU Kokomo Specific Rules
  • Permits will not be required for motorcycles parking on campus, however, students must park motorcycles in the designated parking area.
  • Temporary permits are available at the Parking Services office for persons who forget their regular permit. There is no charge for one-day temporary permits as long as the person is a permit holder.
Last updated: 09/21/2018