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Parking Permits


  • Students ordering their parking permit after the cut-off date will pick up their permit in the Parking Services Office in the Kelley Student Center room 106. If the parking permit charge does not appear on the student's bursar bill, the parking office will add the fee.

  • Students who register after the cut-off date must pick up their permit at the Parking Services Office, located in the Kelley Student Center in room 106.

  • To obtain permits please go to

  • The Parking Services Office will issue permits to those who did not elect parking when registering (see e-bill to verify).

  • If you park on campus after the first week of classes and do not display a valid permit, you will receive a citation.

  • IU Kokomo is using hang tags. The parking tag must be displayed where it can be seen. To avoid a citation for "improper display" the tag must be in the correct position.

  • Students should park in authorized student parking areas.


Permits must be hung from the rearview mirror post with the numbers facing out. For vehicles not having a rearview mirror post, permits must be clearly visible in the center of dash. Citations will not be issued the first week of classes for not displaying a permit in student areas only. However, warning notices will be placed on windshields of vehicles not displaying a permit. Students who do not have a permit at the time classes begin should go to Parking Services, Kelley Student Center room 106 to obtain one. Citations will be issued beginning the second week of classes for not having a permit. Students who purchase a parking permit and then want to return the permit will be done on a prorated basis. Refunds are prorated on a monthly basis by using the date the permit is returned to Parking Services. 

All areas and facilities in the university parking system are controlled. Permit areas are designated as follows: Faculty/Staff, Student, Reserved, or Handicapped.  There are signs present to specify the specific designation of each parking area. Designated areas may be revised as parking needs change. Use of certain lots may be temporarily restricted to facilitate special events, construction, maintenance, or other unusual circumstances.

All vehicles parked on IU Kokomo property must properly display a valid IU parking permit. Permits will not be issued to anyone who has not paid all of their outstanding fees or fines with the Office of the Bursar and Office of Parking Services.

Citations will not be issued during the first week of classes. This time frame allows student to park without receiving citation in order to obtain the appropriate permit from parking services.  This exception does not include, faculty, staff, handicap, or reserved areas.

Handicapped Permits

Students, faculty, and staff using handicapped parking facilities must have a state-issued permit, in addition to an IU parking permit.

Last updated: 09/15/2016