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Adding Events to Your MY IU Calendar

The My IU Calendar allows you to add events to one place and have it show up in three different places such as the your departments homepage calendar feed (if your school/office has one), the campus digital signs, and the main web page events feed.

1. Log into One at and use the search bar to find My IU Calendar.

Use the search bar to find My IU Calendar

2. Your personal calendar will show up, now click the Options button on top right above the calendar.

Find the options icon at the top right of the screen.

3. Click Maintain Group Calendars

Click on the Maintain Group Calendars link.

4. A list of all the calendars you can edit will be displayed. Click on the Maintain Events button to show your calendar.

5. Now click the add event button which will bring up the event editing screen.

Find the add event icon at the top right and click it.

6. On the event editing screen are 5 tabs:

Overview, Event details, Image, Recurrence, and Calendars

Enter as much information as you can in each of the tabs, but the only ones that are required are marked with an *. We also suggest that you upload an image of your choice which you can find on Flickr at

7. Important! If you want your event to show up on the IU Kokomo main page events feed and the campus digital signs, please make sure you select the “IU Kokomo All Events Calendar” under the Calendars tab and move it over to your active calendars.

Select an event and use the arrows to move them into the proper category.

Last updated: 01/09/2017