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Library Support Services

Computers | Copiers/Printers | Equipment | Media Viewing Area | Study Rooms | Schedule Information Literacy Classrooms

The integrated service – Ask A Librarian, Circulation/Reserves, and Computer Services Help – desks provide the expertise of professional librarians, skilled student assistants, and information technology professionals to assist users with research, circulation, and computer needs.


The library features a Learning Commons concept and has computers located throughout the library for individual and group use:

Public Access

Two public access computers are located near the Ask A Librarian Service Desk. These computers are available for the general public and provide access to library resources and government information. Electronic information may be saved to a USB storage device (i.e. flash drive). For printing assistance, please visit the Ask A Librarian service desk.

Library Computers

With the exception of the public access computers, all computers in the library require authorized Indiana University logins. Users must have an Indiana University network username and passphrase to log in to the computers. All computers, with the exception of the laptop computers, have the capability to print to a fee-based printer. The computers have a standard software build. If you have questions about the standard software build, please contact the Computer Services Helpdesk.

Information Literacy Classrooms

Information Literacy Classroom #1 (Room KA144) houses 14 student computers, one instructor station, and several study tables.

Information Literacy Classroom #2 (Room KA148) houses 24 student computers and one instructor station.

The Information Literacy Classrooms may be used for instructional activities and, therefore, at times will not be available for open use. When the room is closed for instruction, signs are posted on the door stating the Room is Closed. Instruction activity dates and times will be posted on the black or white board at the front of the room. When the classrooms are not being used for instruction, they are open to users with valid Indiana University network usernames and passwords. By default, all printing in the classrooms is sent to a printer located in Room KA148A.

Computer Area

Located along the west and south walls of the first floor of the library are several computers in study carrels. By default, all printing in this area is sent to the printer located near the map cases.

Study Rooms

Each study room is equipped with a computer.



All copying in the library is fee-based. The Library is unable to make change for the copiers. Two photocopy machines are located in the copy room, KA119, on the first floor of the library. Copies on both machines may be paid from a student copy account. Money may be added to a student account at the Bursar's Office (KC 205) or the Library Circulation/Reserves service desk. One copier also allows use of coins; quarters, nickels, or dimes are accepted. General questions or problems with the copiers should be asked/reported at the Circulation/Reserves service desk or the Computer Services Helpdesk.


Computer printing is also fee-based. A student technology fee allows students to print from computers until their print quota has been reached. Additional printing may be purchased in the Bursar's Office (KC 205) or the Library Circulation/Reserves service desk. Six printers are available in different areas of the library. General questions or problems with the printers should be asked/reported at the Computer Services Helpdesk.

Microform machines

The Library has several microfilm and microfiche reader/printers. Copies made at these readers are free. Questions about the microfilm and microfiche machines should be directed to the librarians at the Ask A Librarian service desk.


The following items may be checked out at the Circulation/Reserves service desk. A valid student ID/Cougar card is required in order to check out these items.

Equipment Type

Loan period

2 Cisco Flip UltraHD video cameras

24 hours (Faculty only)

2 JVC HD digital cameras

24 hours

2 Alesis podcast kits

24 hours

2 DVD/VHS players

24 hours (Faculty only)

1 Blu-ray external (RW) drive

2 hours


2 hours

2 Intuos 4 tablets

2 hours

3 laptops

2 hours

1 Novation keyboard

2 hours

2 tripods

24 hours

1 HDMI cord

2 hours

3 iPhone chargers

2 hours

1 Android charger

2 hours

Media Viewing Area

The media viewing area is located on the first floor of the library near Room KA130 and includes equipment to listen to and view non-print media resources.

A handicap-accessible computer workstation and computers with scanners are also available in the media viewing area.

Study Rooms

Study rooms are intended for use by currently-enrolled IU Kokomo students or IU Kokomo faculty. Study rooms are to be used for independent or small group study but not for official meetings or scheduled instructional activities.

The library has two large study rooms, KA124 and KA130, on the first floor. These two study rooms are used by the Student Success Center for scheduled tutoring or training activities. When not reserved by the Student Success Center, the large study rooms may be used on a first come, first served basis.

Four small study rooms are located on the second floor of the library. Reservations may be made to reserve the four study rooms. When not reserved, these rooms may be used on a first come, first served basis.

Each of the study rooms is equipped with a computer. Some study rooms are equipped with a television/VCR player. Study Room KA124 is equipped with a large screen television attached to a computer. Study Room KA130 is equipped with a large television and a projection unit. Remotes for this equipment may be checked out at the Circulation/Reserves service desk for two-hour periods.

Before using a study room, please read the Study Room Policy (PDF).

Schedule Information Literacy Classrooms for Other Purposes

The library's Information Literacy classrooms may be scheduled for use by faculty and other University personnel and are particularly useful when both an instructor workstation and student workstations are needed.

ILC scheduling notes:

  • The classrooms may not be scheduled on a permanent basis.
  • A separate form must be completed for each reservation.
  • For the first 10 weeks of the spring and fall semesters, ILC #2 is reserved exclusively for library instruction.
  • During the last week of classes and finals week, the classrooms are not available for reservation so that students may use the rooms for study.

To schedule a classroom, please use the Library Room Scheduling Form. Your request will be acknowledged within two business days. Note: If you would like to schedule a library instruction session with a librarian, please use our online Information Literacy Session Request form instead of the Library Room Scheduling form.

The classrooms are configured as follows:

  • Information Literacy Classroom 1 (Room KA144) has seating and table space for 24 students, as well as 14 student computer workstations. It also offers an instructor workstation, a document camera, and a digital projector.
  • Information Literacy Classroom 2 (Room KA148) has 24 student computer workstations, as well as an instructor workstation, a document camera, and a digital projector.
  • Wireless access is available in both rooms.

Last Updated: 21 March 2016

Last updated: 03/21/2016