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Resources for Library Visitors

Quick Links: EBSCO Discovery Service | Government Documents | Other Research Resources

The IU Kokomo Library offers full access to our resources (both print and electronic/online) to the visiting public through Computer Guest Accounts. For more details on these accounts, see our Library Resources for Visitors page.

Overview of Library Resources

The IU Kokomo Library offers access to not only books, videos, and print journals and magazines but also to electronic versions of these resources. The majority of our newspapers, journals, and magazines are currently offered in electronic-only access, rather than in print. Are you looking for a particular business magazine, financial newspaper, or education magazine? Chances are good that we have electronic access to at least some of the periodicals in which you have an interest. See our Finding Information page for an overview of the research tools and resources visitors may access at our public access computers. You will be able to access some of these resources, such as IUCAT (the IU online library catalog), from home. Other resources will only be available to you from within the library.

EBSCO Discovery Service

We are pleased to offer a resource called the EBSCO Discovery Service, or EDS, to our user community, including our visitors. EDS saves you time and effort: Rather than searching databases or catalogs one by one in order to find library materials, you can conduct one search in EDS and retrieve results from IUCAT, article databases like MasterFILE Premier, and much more. Please note that, in order to view some full text articles from off-campus, an IU Kokomo login may be required. Visitors may still access these articles, though, by coming to our library and obtaining a Computer Guest Account (PDF). Learn more about EDS on our What is EBSCO Discovery Service? page.

IU Kokomo Library visitors: Click the following link to access EDS from off-campus: EBSCO Discovery Service (Guest access only)

IU Kokomo students, faculty, and staff: Use your University credentials to log in to the full-feature EDS at this second URL: EBSCO Discovery Service (IUK login required)

We welcome comments on this library product from our community. Please email us with your feedback.

If you have additional questions about EDS, please Ask a Librarian.

Government Documents

The IU Kokomo Library is a selective depository for federal and state government documents. We currently select about 31% of the items available from the Government Printing Office (GPO). These materials include books, microfiche, CD-ROMs, and videos. Our collection comprises: Congressional documents; laws; Presidential documents; environmental, health, justice, and other agency publications; census materials; and tax information. Many government publications are now available in electronic format. Both print and online documents are listed in IUCAT. By law, all of this material is made available for use by the general public at no cost.

Please see our Government Documents Research Guide to help you locate documents of special interest to you.

Other Research Resources

If you have Internet access at home, the State of Indiana offers a virtual library called INSPIRE to Indiana residents. INSPIRE is freely accessible from the website This virtual library offers access to notable research databases such as Academic Search Premier, Biography in Context, Business Source Premier, Nursing Resource Center, and the Testing & Education Reference Center, in which you can find materials and practice exams to aid you with the NCLEX, CLEP, ASVAB, and PRAXIS tests. This resource also offers SAT, PSAT, and GED test prep help.

For more information about INSPIRE, please see their Frequently Asked Questions page. This page also outlines how to request help with accessing INSPIRE resources if you are unable to do so.

Last Updated: 3 March 2017

Last updated: 03/03/2017