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Library Reserves

IU Kokomo faculty may place physical materials on reserve for students in their classes.

Before placing materials on Reserve in the Library, faculty are encouraged to post materials that are in special or high demand for class assignments to their class Canvas sites. Hyperlinks to articles from many of the library's electronic databases can be posted within Canvas with the help of permalinks and/or the library's Proxy Link Generator tool. Faculty may also arrange for student Course Packs through the IU Kokomo Bookstore.

Placing Materials on Reserve

Faculty members must complete a Reserve Request Form in order to place materials on reserve. Bring the form and materials to the Circulation desk. Please allow a minimum of 2 working days for processing. Materials may not be placed on reserve on a permanent basis, and materials are removed from reserves annually. All photocopies and faculty-owned material must comply with current copyright law.

Eligible items for reserve include circulating library materials, photocopies, faculty-owned materials, and media materials. A barcode and label will be placed on faculty-owned material.

Ineligible items include library-owned reference books, periodicals, microforms, materials belonging to other libraries, and Bestseller/McNaughton collection books. Faculty-generated video or audio recordings, whether taped off-air or copied from another tape, are also ineligible due to copyright restrictions.

Placing Copies on Reserve

Due to the strict nature of the U.S. Copyright Code and litigation involving photocopying for educational use, the following guidelines have been established for reserve photocopy use:

  • Each faculty member is responsible for providing all photocopies that are to be placed on reserve, as well as for seeing that all material conforms to current copyright legislation.
  • The library will accept a maximum of 3 photocopies of a single article for reserve use. Faculty members are urged to keep in mind the way in which reserves are utilized; rarely are more than two copies of the same article used at once.
  • In order to comply with the copyright law's requirement of spontaneity, the library will not place the same photocopied article on reserve for more than one semester. If a faculty member would like to use the same material on an ongoing basis, he or she is encouraged to purchase a reprint of the journal article or a copy of the book or to seek permission from the publisher to photocopy the material. Copyright clearance may be requested by contacting the Copyright Clearance Center.
  • Photocopies taken from books will be accepted for one-time reserve use, provided that the copied section does not exceed 10% of the entire work. If more of the work is necessary for instruction, please Ask A Librarian as to how the material might be obtained.

Last Updated: 6 October 2017

Last updated: 11/29/2017