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Access Online Resources at Other IU Campuses

At times, faculty and students are associated with multiple Indiana University campuses and need to access online, or electronic, resources at more than one campus. To support faculty and students in their academic pursuits, IU allows users to request access to electronic resources at a campus other than their home campus. You may request access by completing and submitting the Educational Access form, provided below. Before filling out the form, please read the Educational Access to Electronic Resources from a Campus Not One's Own policy, which is also linked below. The policy explains under what conditions access will be granted.

Faculty who teach on one campus but would like to use research materials on another campus are not covered by the Educational Access policy. However, faculty members have the additional option of working through their school's Dean using a process approved by the Academic Leadership Council (see Adjunct Faculty/Visiting Scholar Status Policy for Access to Resources from another Campus in Support of Research). Requests for access should be made to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Last Updated: 30 December 2018

Last updated: 01/08/2019