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Overview of Library Collections

The materials and information resources found in the IU Kokomo Library collections reflect the library's mission to support the University's academic curriculum. For additional information about the development of the library collections, see our Collection Development Policy (PDF).

Collections of Special Interest


The purpose of the archives is to collect, organize, and preserve the historic documents of Indiana University Kokomo. The archives is a closed stacks, locked area located on the second floor of the library.

Government Documents

The library is a depository for federal and state government documents. For more information about this collection, please see our Government Documents Collection page.

Other Collections


There are more than 112,000 books in the library that reflect the academic programs offered at Indiana University Kokomo. These include books in business, education, criminal justice, arts & sciences, nursing, and more.

STACKS is the name of the circulating book collection and is located on the second floor of the library.

REFERENCE is the name of the collection that contains dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, bibliographies, handbooks, and other sources that provide core background information and bibliographic access to research and academic disciplines. The reference collection is located on the first floor of the library and does not circulate.

Bestsellers (McNaughton) Collection

The McNaughton bestsellers are a rented collection of popular fiction and nonfiction reading materials. The titles found in this collection continuously change on a monthly basis. These bestsellers may be found through the online catalog (IUCAT) or by browsing the collection, located on the first floor of the library. Since these are popular titles, these books may only be borrowed for a 14day period.

CDs / DVDs / Videos

The library provides a variety of multimedia materials, including music CDs, DVDs, and VHS videotapes. The CD / DVD / Video collections are located on the first floor of the library. Other types of media in the library's collection include streaming videos, maps, cassette tapes, and CD-ROMs.

Children's Literature Collection

All of our books, fiction and nonfiction, that have an intended audience of preschool through young adult are housed in a separate location on the second floor of the library. This area is designated as the Children's Literature Collection. The purpose of this collection is to provide a sample of books written for children. Special emphasis is placed on acquiring award-winning and special merit books.

Electronic Information Resources

Our library delivers many materials electronically via the World Wide Web. We offer access to many electronic indexes, as well as hundreds of thousands of full text resources. Our Finding Information page provides links to several pertinent starting points.

Journals / Magazines / Newspapers (Periodicals)

The library subscribes to many periodicals in print or electronic format. Library users may use various print and electronic indexes to identify articles on a specific topic or by a particular author. All periodical titles may be found by searching our Journal Finder tool. Look for it is another library tool that helps identify the availability of full text articles within our electronic resources. Current print issues and back issues on microfilm are located on the first floor. Bound issues are located on the second floor.

Last Updated: 7 October 2015

Last updated: 10/07/2015