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Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Strategic Plan Summary

Developing a three-year Strategic Plan for Indiana University Kokomo was a dynamic process requiring input and collaboration campus wide. The Chancellor’s Cabinet put the plan into motion by establishing a foundation and outlining priorities. Faculty and staff responded by suggesting additional priorities, goals, and action plans. The end result is a realistic and attainable Strategic Plan which will move IU Kokomo toward becoming the best regional campus in the world.

In addition, the Chancellor's Cabinet has developed a new set of priorities for 2012-2013, Building the Future of Indiana University Kokomo.

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Continuing the Momentum

Priority One

Enhance Academic Excellence and Enrich the Learning Environment

  • Identify new programs and delivery systems to enhance academic offerings
  • Enhance the role of teaching excellence to promote a dynamic, engaging and applied learning environment
  • Promote campus diversity to prepare graduates to live and work in a diverse, global world
  • Nominate students and faculty for state, regional, and national awards
  • Develop robust data collection and analysis systems to make data driven decisions
Priority Two

Promote Research, Scholarship and Creative Work

  • Enhance the research culture on campus
  • Increase the number of applications for internal and external research grants
Priority Three

Promote Student Success, Improve Retention and Degree Attainment

  • Expand and develop programs that enhance the academic success of first-year and sophomore students
  • Increase participation in co-curricular activities
  • Grow and enhance programs for transfer students
  • Assess the current advising system for continual improvement
  • Implement degree completion pilot programs
  • Target aid to graduating seniors
  • Increase career placement activities for students, especially seniors
  • Explore student housing
Priority Four

Increase Enrollment of New Students

  • Identify new student markets (i.e. new geographical areas, international students, athletics)
  • Increase
    • Student headcount enrollment and credit hour enrollment
    • Summer School enrollment
    • High school applicants
    • Graduate student enrollment
    • Adult student enrollment
    • ROTC enrollment
  • Attract well-prepared students
  • Invite more middle school and high school students to campus
Priority Five

Enhance Relationships and Increase Visibility

  • Cultivate and solicit philanthropic support to meet or exceed the $1.5 million Wellness and Fitness Campaign
  • Create and execute an outreach plan to engage alumni and instill pride as a stakeholder and ambassador for campus
  • Continue to build new and strengthen existing relationships with each community in our service region as well as, with our public officials
  • Implement a consistent brand message to guide campus outreach
Priority 6

Facilitate Regional Transformation

  • Host meetings to promote regional transformation
  • Disseminate regional benchmarking study
  • Invite key industrial leaders to campus for community and campus presentations
  • Promote faculty research and creative activities to the region
  • Engage advisory board members in campus decision making
Priority Seven

Develop Staff and Their Supporting Environment

  • Support training, performance, and assessment of all staff
  • Enhance facilities and campus beautification
  • Promote safety on campus
  • Implement the Emergency Management Plan
  • Create a “cool” student center
Last updated: 09/21/2018