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International Studies

Past Trips


S 302 or S 427 Intercultural Communication: Chinese Culture and Communication (3 cr.)

Explore Chinese sub-cultures from the more prominent Han to the Wui, Naxi, Bai and Yi. This course involves a two-week travel experience to China over Spring Break (extending slightly over either end). Students will explore Beijing, Xi'an and Kunming, along with several more historical and rural settings in Yunnan province, at the foothills of the Himalayas in southwest China.


ENG-L 381 On the Front Lines: World War II Through Literature and Film (3 cr.)

History and stories behind the events of World War II will come to life for you on this 13-day trip to Europe. You will travel to locales including Berlin (with trips to Sachsenhausen concentration camp and Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz, where the “Final Solution” was devised), Amsterdam (site of Anne Frank's hiding place and the Dutch Resistance Musem), Normandy (Bayeux for a tour of the beaches of D-Day), Guernsey Island (testimonies of residents who lived during the German occupation) and London (site of the code-breakers museum and Churchill’s War Rooms).


C 566 and D 496 Issues in International Business Management and Foreign Study in Business (3 cr.)

Go on a 10-day trip to Istanbul, Turkey. Explore aspects of international business management practices in Istanbul, Turkey and have the chance to interview Turkish/Expatriate managers of businesses.


FINA-A 200 Topics in Art History: Foreign Study in Italian Art (3 cr.)

This course will cover highlights of Italian architecture, sculpture, and painting from ancient Rome through Baroque. The works highlighted in the course content will be studied firsthand in the churches, museums, and historical sites in Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena, and Pompeii during a one week trip to Italy.


BUS-D 496 Foreign Study in Business (3 cr.) or
BUKO-C 566 Issues in International Management (3 cr.)

This course, offered to M.B.A. students and business majors or minors, will be offered in summer session II. Students will travel to Krakow and Warsaw Poland and observe a variety of Polish business practices, interview managers of businesses in Poland, and collect data for industry specific projects they will complete starting with early classes at IU Kokomo and finishing when they return. This class will allow students to explore a variety of environmental dimensions influencing business practices including economic, financial, political, legal and cultural.

South Korea

NURS-T 675 Nursing Elective (3 cr.), NURS-K 432 Korean Culture and Healthcare (2 cr., Spring ‘18), NURS-K 433 Korean Culture and Healthcare: Practicum (1 cr. Summer '18)

Travel to South Korea, visiting Seoul a city of about 11 million and Jeonju a city of about 500,000. Students visit Eastern Medical facilities, participate in daily life activities and visit historical and cultural places of interest including the Demilitarized Zone, Buddhist temples, and museums.

United Kingdom

HSS-I 450 Innovations Symposium (3 cr.)

Travel for three weeks to cities in England like Cornwall, London and Harlaxton. Study and discuss historical and contemporary innovations like Sir. Isaac Newton's discovery of gravity and more.

Last updated: 02/19/2018