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International Travel Courses


This team-taught, interdisciplinary course will offer an overview of Irish historical and literary themes, including Irish national, cultural, and political identity, the relations sustained by people of Irish heritage worldwide, and a sweeping survey of Irish literature and history. To foster an interdisciplinary experience, both faculty members will participate in all meetings of this course. This upper-division course requires a ten-day trip to Ireland. It will consider several important and interrelated questions, such as: In what ways did Irish history change over time? How does Irish literature reflect its national, political, and cultural identity? How does visiting the cultural, historic, and literary sites in Ireland enhance your understanding of the assigned materials in this course?

IU Kokomo China Trip 2017

HSS 300

Dates of Travel

Spring Sessions

IU Kokomo China Trip 2017

Approximately $3,500. This includes airfare, accommodations, local transportation, and most meals.

Last updated: 09/18/2018