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International Studies

International Travel Courses

2018-19 Trips

Austria and The Netherlands

Austria and The Netherlands

PSY P343 (3 cr.), March 8-17, 2019

We are heading to Vienna, Austria and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The purpose of the trip is to compare modern mental health in the United States and globally. We will visit the birth place of psychology and a unique treatment center for those living with dementia.

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South Korea

NURS-T 675 Nursing Elective (3 cr.), May 8-20, 2019

Travel to South Korea, visiting Seoul a city of about 11 million and Jeonju a city of about 500,000. Students visit Eastern Medical facilities, participate in daily life activities, and visit historical and cultural places of interest including the Demilitarized Zone, Buddhist temples, and museums.

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students in england

Innovation Symposium 2019 - England

May 9-28, 2019

This course provides our best and brightest thinkers the opportunity to analyze important innovations and create new approaches to address global and local issues. In London, we’ll look at philanthropy and social/cultural issues. In Cornwall, we’ll look at environmental issues. In Harlaxton, we’ll look at technological issues. Throughout our stay, we will have access to excellent libraries and to individuals/ organizations on the leading edge of innovative change.

Traveling with Other IU Campuses

Explore All the Opportunities

Learn about the possibility of taking classes overseas with other IU campuses.

In addition to our awesome travel opportunities, there is always the option to look through the travel courses of all eight IU campuses. Email Lisa Canada for more information.

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There are some additional courses still in the planning phase which may soon be offered. Be sure to check back!

Last updated: 10/19/2018