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ENG-L 381 On the Front Lines: World War II Through Literature and Film (3 cr.)

History and stories behind the events of World War II will come to life for you on this 13-day trip to Europe. You will travel to locales including Berlin (with trips to Sachsenhausen concentration camp and Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz, where the “Final Solution” was devised), Amsterdam (site of Anne Frank's hiding place and the Dutch Resistance Musem), Normandy (Bayeux for a tour of the beaches of D-Day), Guernsey Island (testimonies of residents who lived during the German occupation) and London (site of the code-breakers museum and Churchill’s War Rooms).

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HSS-F 200 Hispanic Culture and Healthcare (3 cr.), NURS-J 595 Nursing Administrative Elective (3 cr.)

Experience the beautiful and diverse culture of Guatemala! Learn about the differences between our healthcare and theirs. Witness the magnificance of the Mayan ruins and the mystery of the Cristo Negro in Esquipulas! Practice your Spanish and make new and wonderful friends! This class is for all students and not strictly nursing or Spanish students.

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South Korea

NURS-T 675 Nursing Elective (3 cr.), NURS-K 432 Korean Culture and Healthcare (2 cr. spring 2018), NURS-K 433 Korean Culture and Healthcare: Practicum (1 cr. summer I 2018)

Travel to South Korea, visiting Seoul a city of about 11 million and Jeonju a city of about 500,000. Students visit Eastern Medical facilities, participate in daily life activities, and visit historical and cultural places of interest including the Demilitarized Zone, Buddhist temples, and museums.

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Traveling with Other IU Campuses

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Learn about the possibility of taking classes overseas with other IU campuses.

In addition to our awesome travel opportunities, there is always the option to look through the travel courses of all eight IU campuses. Email Lisa Canada for more information.

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There are some additional courses still in the planning phase which may soon be offered. Be sure to check back!