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Academic Support Services

Math Tutoring

  • Services:  Tutoring for students wanting help with math courses such as pre-algebra through calculus, finite math, MATH-M 133, MATH-M 134, and MATH-K 310
  • Locations: 
    • KO 050 Math Commons – for one-on-one appointments and individual and group study
    • KO 054 Math Computer Lab – for quiet study and online math homework
  • Name:  Diane Hampshire
  • Contact (phone):  (765) 455-9586
  • Contact (e-mail):  dmhampsh@iuk.edu

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Academic Tutoring Referrals

  • Services:  Subjects other than English, ESL (English as a Second Language), and Spanish; For Nursing contact Bridget Whitmore, bwhitmor@iuk.edu
  • Location:  Varied
  • Name:  Julie Bliss
  • Contact (phone):  (765) 455-9395
  • Contact (e-mail):  blissj@iuk.edu

Quiz and Test Preparation

  • Services:  Refine study skills and test-taking strategies to improve performance on quizzes and exams
  • Location:  KA 130
  • Name:  Megan Cooper
  • Contact (e-mail):  cooper51@iuk.edu

Instructors, please use the following referral form:
Faculty Student Success Center Referral Form

Academic Success Coaching: Freshman and Sophomore

  • Services:  Goal setting, study skills, financial literacy, and more
  • Name:  Brittany Ravas
  • Contact (phone):  (765) 455-9405
  • Contact (e-mail):  bravas@iuk.edu

Technology Skills Tutoring

  • Services:  Microsoft Office, posters, laptop setup, virus and malware removal, IUware and IUanyWare, IU Box, One.IU, IU Mobile, along with accessibility and assistive software tools
  • Location:  KA 221
  • Name:  Gregory Ogle
  • Contact (phone):  (765) 455-9589
  • Contact (e-mail):  gmogle@iu.edu

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Writing and Spanish Tutoring

  • Services:  Assistance with pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, documentation; Tutoring for students taking Spanish courses
  • Location:  KA 128
  • Name:  Michelle Westervelt
  • Contact (phone):  (765) 455-9425
  • Contact (e-mail):  miwester@iuk.edu

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Student Success Workshops

  • Services:  Topics vary — flyer available upon request
  • Location:  Varied
  • Name:  Danny Gruss
  • Contact (phone):  (765) 455-9405
  • Contact (e-mail):  dpgruss@iuk.edu

ESL (English as a Second Language) Tutoring

  • Services:  Support for all classes, assistance with writing, a liaison for students and instructors, English fluency practice: reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Location:  KA 128
  • Contact (phone):  (765) 455-9425 option 1
  • Contact (e-mail):  kowrite@iuk.edu

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Library Support

  • Services:  Ask a Librarian and Research consultations in-person, email, or phone
  • Resources:  Research tools, guides, and tutorials
  • Location:  Library Building (KA)
  • Contact (phone):  (765) 455-9521
  • Contact (e-mail):  iuklib@iuk.edu

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Academic Advising

  • Services:  Major and minor exploration, transfer credit analysis, course planning, academic progress reviews, and graduation checks
  • Location:  KC 223
  • Contact (phone):  (765) 455-9405
  • Contact (e-mail):  koadv@iuk.edu

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Last updated: 11/30/2015