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Undergraduate - Nursing Program

Estimated expenses for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

For A Single undergraduate International Student (Nursing)

A. Tuition and Fees (Spring & Fall)

$22,365 (Minimum Course Load)

B. Room and Board


C. Miscellaneous Expenses




Dependent Expenses

Single students must provide evidence in the (minimum) amount of $34,056 to meet expenses for a calendar year at Indiana University.  This amount does not include the cost of Summer Session tuition.  A married student must add $5,027 for a spouse, $5,027 for a first child, with or without spouse, and $3,260 each additional dependent. Please note that University-sponsored Health and Accident Insurance is required for all international students and their dependents.

Detail of Estimated Expenses for Fall & Spring Only

  • Tuition and Fees

Flat rate:

$9,391 per semester

$18,783 per year

Mandatory Fees:


Full-time credit for academic year:

24 credit hours per academic year

Student Activity Fee

Technology Fee

International Services Fee

Repair & Rehabilitation Fees

  • Room and Board (Living accommodations are off campus)

Academic Year (2 semesters)


  • Miscellaneous Expenses

(Includes books, supplies, and mandatory international student medical insurance, but NOT clothing and travel)

Academic Year (2 semesters)


*Summer Tuition and Fees are not calculated on your I-20 and will be assessed according to your enrollment.*

Last updated: 09/25/2018