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Student Testimonials

“IUK makes travel as affordable as it is unforgettable. More than a tourist trip, we visited friends and homes to get a true understanding of Guatemalan life”

“I saw my son leave as an excited college student ready to see and explore a new culture, but he returned a man with a better understanding of our cultural differences. He found himself more appreciative of life in the United States, and all that it affords him.  He now wants to learn more regarding other cultures to gain a better understanding of the sameness and differences they provide.”

“Visiting the DMZ is a very humbling, unforgettable experience”

“South Korea taught me so much. It taught me that it doesn’t matter where you come from there will always be open arms for you if you are a good person. It taught me that everything can be a work of art, even food. It taught me that we give each other presents not because we want to brag, but because we want to show gratitude. It taught me that hard work does pay off. It taught me that we CAN help to preserve our planet if we just take action. It taught me human warmth. It taught me that if we really understood religion there wouldn’t be fanaticism. It taught me that to find peace we first should have inner peace. And most importantly, it taught the even though your hope is brutally destroyed many times by mankind the faith we find through God will always keep us going and one day it won’t matter where we come from, unification will happen”

“The hospital was fascinating, as I have never experienced any type of Oriental medicine. We toured the hospital beginning with the pharmacy, learning how they formulated the daily herbal medication for the inpatients and weekly medication for the outpatients. Each patient receives their own formula, based on their diagnosis. Very different from our Western medicine, these medications are warm and must be kept warm in a warmer on the unit, whereas Western medicine is usually cool or cold and required to be placed in the refrigerator. The smells of the herbs permeated the entire hospital and provided a very relaxing feeling.”

 “I think in order to be a good journalist, you have to have a view of the world,” she said. “You see how people live, and you get close to the culture, and experience their lives. You discover things about yourself. You’re not the same person when you come back.”

“It was a little frustrating not being able to communicate in South Korea,” she said. “People were so nice, and I wanted to get to know them. I want to go back to learn Korean. That’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re not supposed to go to another country and expect everyone to learn English.”

 “You feel like you are family,” she added. “I would go back again in a heartbeat.”