Enrollment Overview

The Office of Institutional Research produces and distributes official enrollment reports to the campus community at scheduled times throughout the academic year. In addition to campus-specific reports, University Institutional Research and Reporting produces several official enrollment reports for all Indiana University campuses that can be accessed below.

Enrollment Summary Report - Fall and Spring

This report provides an official snapshot of Indiana University Kokomo's enrollment by headcount and hours at census of each term. Additionally, it compares enrollment numbers to the previous year and provides a quick look at how our demogaphics have changed.

Student Enrollment Profiles (Coming Soon)

This report provides detailed student demographic profiles for students enrolled at census.

System-Wide Official / First Day Headcounts and Hours Report

University Institutional Research and Reporting official reports are based on standard, census snapshot views and first day reports are generated from enrollment data from the first day of the term.  Detailed information is available at the system-wide level as well as for each campus.

System-Wide Enrollment Point-in-Cycle Report

University Institutional Research and Reporting updates an interactive display of "point in cycle" progress for the upcoming fall. Fall data is updated weekly starting in June through fall census.