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Department of Psychology

Hope to study the human brain?  Help a firm understand its customers better?  Or help people with physical, psychological, or social difficulties?  Then psychology may be the field for you!


Which psychology program suits my goals?

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - for students interested in a traditional liberal arts approach to psychology, with flexible paths to graduate school or the workplace.  Students seeking counseling, social work, and other human services careers will benefit strongly from this program's emphasis on cultural literacy and language, a major key to success in today's diverse world.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, General Science Track - for students interested in professional programs such as medical school, physical therapy (PT), or occupational therapy (OT); or workplaces where a strong laboratory science background is helpful.  Courses in biology, chemistry, or other laboratory sciences enhance student understanding of human and animal behavior.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Psychological Science Track - for students interested in graduate school in psychology, particularly at the doctoral level; or workplaces where a strong social science research background is helpful.  All students in this track are required to complete an original, year-long, independent research project, under the advisement of a faculty member.

Minor in Psychology - an excellent minor to support marketability of almost any other IU Kokomo degree, particularly in business, criminal justice, education, nursing, or other social sciences.

All of the psychology programs at IU Kokomo strive to help its majors do the following:

  • understand the major theoretical approaches to human behavior and cognition

  • develop abilities to gather, analyze, synthesize, and apply psychology information

  • develop a healthy skepticism about conclusions presented without supporting data

  • communicate more effectively.

A background in psychology - or the study of human behavior and mental processes - provides students with the opportunity to understand the one factor that cuts across all other human endeavors: people.  Learning about psychology means far more than being interested in the latest bits of wisdom that personalities in the media try to spread, means learning about the fundamental science behind our knowledge.  Our programs provide students the opportunity to develop and achieve their personal and career aspirations, including opportunities for engaging in research with faculty, independent research, and/or practicum experiences within the community. Thus, our programs contribute to IU Kokomo's mission to enhance research and develop partnerships between our degree and various community programs.

Student Organization

Psychology Club

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to frequently asked questions about psychology at IU Kokomo and related things, click here.

Last updated: 07/09/2015