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Video Transcript

Indiana University Kokomo, Fulfilling the Promise,

“What is creativity?” Gregory Steel asks his class from the front of a classroom.

His lecture continues: “What does it mean to create something from nothing? To be a creative means to be true to the person you are. Why does the world need creativity?”

A student is shown working with clay. A student is shown designing something on a computer screen. A student draws on a stylus tablet to design on a screen.

“How do you learn to be creative?”

A student is shown working on a printmaking project. A student works in photoshop on a computer.

Minda Douglas speaks to the camera: “Indiana University Kokomo is the place to find your creative self.”

Michael Koerner is shown in the design center as students work on laptops behind him. He speaks to the camera: “We’ll help you become the person you were meant to become, the artist you have hiding inside.”

A detail shot is shown of a glass window with a logo and words that read, “the design center.” Michael Koerner and students can be seen working behind the glass.

A narrator says, “The newly-formed creative practice program, New Media, Art, and Technology, will let you discover all areas of art and design, challenge you to experiment with things you never imagined, and prepare you for whatever comes next.”

A professor stands at the back of a class full of students. A student is shown working on a logo for “Gilead House.” A student pours water into a water feature created out of logs and rocks. A student puts greenery in a moat dug into the ground with a design of sticks and flowers on the ground in front of it. A recent alum is shown working on editing video footage in his workplace post-graduation.

Yunjin Woo speaks to the camera, “From basics like drawing, painting, and sculpture…”

A student is shown drawing with a stylus on his computer screen. A student with a welding mask on works on welding together a metal sculpture.

Narrator continues, “…to sound design, digital image making, video, and movie creation…”

A student with headphones on edits a sound project on a computer. Three students work together behind a video camera.

Wayne Madsen speaks to the camera, “…to interactive art and technology, and website design for creative and commercial purposes…”

Two students discuss a graphic design project.

Yunjin Woo continues, “…with a polished portfolio full of your best work, a jam-packed resume with real-world experience, and a firm foundation in a variety of mediums…”

A student explains a sketch he has tacked to a wall to another student. Michael Koerner is seen through the glass that says, “the design center” working with two students. A student works on a sound recording on his computer.

Minda Douglas continues, “…you’ll leave our program ready to tackle the job market and impress future employers.”

Gregory Steel is seen in the front of the classroom speaking to his students, “You already have the creative drive; you’re here to explore it.”

A narrator speaks as words appear on the screen over an image of the Main Building at IU Kokomo, “To learn more about New Media, Art, and Technology, visit Indiana University Kokomo, Fulfilling the Promise,”


Video with Audio Description

Last updated: 09/28/2018