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School of Humanities and Social Sciences
I use what I learned every day when I work with children and parents as a caseworker for the Indiana Department of Child Services. I want to work with children and make a difference in their lives, and my IU Kokomo degree made that possible.
Jeremy Gibson, Kokomo
B.A. Psychology ‘13

School of Humanities and Social Sciences  Visit the School of Humanities and Social Sciences home page

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is the center of IU Kokomo's academic and intellectual life, offering many major areas of study as well as general education courses for majors outside of the school. The school includes four departments which provide course work for both Bachelor of Arts degrees and Bachelor of Science degrees.

Interdisciplinary Minors


  • Communication (B.A. • B.S.):
    Concentrations in: Journalism (B.A. • B.S.) • Public Communications (B.A. • B.S.) • Public Relations/Corporate Communications (B.A. • B.S.)
  • English (B.A.):
    Concentrations in: Language and Literature • Pre-Law • Writing, Editing, and Media
  • Humanities (B.A.)
  • New Media, Art, & Technology (B.S. • B.F.A. • B.A.):
    Concentrations in: Digital Media (B.A. • B.S.)  • Graphic Design (B.A. • B.F.A. • B.S.) • Studio Art (B.A. • B.F.A.) • Web Design (B.A. • B.S.)

Former Programs

We are no longer enrolling new students into the following programs. They have been replaced by the New Media, Art, & Technology program. They are listed here for students previously enrolled in the programs.


  • Fine Arts (B.A. • B.F.A.)
  • New Media Communication (B.A. • B.S.):
    Concentrations in: Creative Digital Development (B.A. • B.S.)  • Graphic Design (B.A. • B.S.) • Web Design (B.A. • B.S.)




  • Psychology (B.A. • B.S.):
    Tracks in: General Science (B.S.)
    • Psychological Science (B.S.)


Department of Sociology, History, and Political Science Visit the Department of Sociology, History, and Polical Science home page


  • History/Political Science (B.A. • B.S.):
    Tracks in: Balanced (B.S.) • History (B.A. • B.S.) • Law and Society (B.A.) • Political Science (B.A. • B.S.)
  • Sociology (B.A. • B.S.):
    Tracks in: Traditional (B.A. • B.S.) • Applied Sociology/Human Services (B.A. • B.S.)
    Concentrations in: Children and Families (B.A. • B.S.) • Crime and Society (B.A. • B.S.)

Areas of Practice

  • Public Relations/Corporate Communications • Advertising • Teaching • Counseling • Journalist • Human Resources • Event Planning • Librarian • Lawyer • Sports Information Director • Management • Research • Writer • Graphic Design • Video Games and Animation Design • Web Design • Correctional Officer • Law Enforcement Officer • Detectives • Emergency Planning • Computer Animation • Radio/TV Announcer • Illustrator
  • Research Psychologist • Therapist • Animal-assisted Art, or Music Therapist • Employee Assistance Programs • Occupational Therapy • Community Relations • Child Protective Services Worker • Department of Child Services Worker • Insurance Investigator • Research Analysts • CIA Agent • Social Worker • Airport Security/Customs Agent • Juvenile Court Counselor • Case Manager, Non-profit Organization • Social Activities Director

Types of Employers

  • Newspaper/Magazine • Non-profit Organizations • Large Corporations • Hospitals • Advertising Firm • Government • Radio/TV Station • Consulting Firm • K-12 Schools • Library • Museum • Travel Industry • Sports Agencies • Publishing Company • Art Studio • Computer Animation • Non-profit Agencies • Web Development • Organizations • Prisons • County Community Correction Programs • Child and Family Services Agencies
  • Police Stations • Social Service Agencies • Airports • Juvenile Probation • Judge • Professor • Politician • Political Operative • Corporations • Schools and Universities • Retail Companies • Emergency Management Agencies • Small Businesses • Criminal Justice Agencies • Mental Health Centers • Federal, State, Local Government • Private Employers • Nursing Homes • Non-government Agencies • Advocacy Organizations

the foundation you need to succeed

Babb & Glenn
Two Indiana University Kokomo seniors rank among the top IU undergraduates in research. Senior psychology majors Alexius Babb and Alexandra Glenn were among those students honored for their research projects at the 19th annual Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference, which included nearly 80 projects by students from all eight IU campuses.
Brubaker & Douglas
The Indiana University Kokomo Art Gallery features its first-ever show created by senior fine arts students. Eight students are showcased in the Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition, which continues through Saturday, May 17, in the Art Gallery. Susan Skoczen, art gallery director, said five of the students are receiving the Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree, with two earning the Bachelor of Arts degree. An additional senior, who minored in creative arts, also will have work in the gallery.
Emily Ross
Emily Ross wields a red pen with the best of editors. Her skills, demonstrated as editor-in-chief of Indiana University Kokomo's literary and arts magazine, and editing The Correspondent student newspaper, lead her to a prestigious assistantship, one that will pay for her to earn her graduate degree. Ross, who graduated in May with a degree in English, was chosen through a competitive application process to edit the Journal of Teaching Writing, as she completes a Master of Arts in English at IUPUI.
Emily West
Emily West lives her dream, serving Indiana University Kokomo as a full-time police officer. A criminal justice major, she earned a jump-start on her career when she was selected as the campus’ first female cadet in 2013. She graduated from the IU Police Academy in August 2014, while also earning International Police Mountain Bike Association certification. She completed her degree in December 2014, and was immediately hired by the IU Police Department.
Last updated: 02/09/2016