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Some people see a small campus as a disadvantage, but I think it is one of the best things we have. We’re so personal, and your classes are taught by experts in our field. They’re there to help you, and they want you to succeed.
– Carolina Anaya Pico, B.A. '17, Communication

Degrees for Dreamers, Doers, and Leaders

You don’t believe in sayings like, “That’s just the way it is.” You perpetually ask why. You think outside the box in everything you do. You belong in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

At Indiana University Kokomo, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is the heart of our academic and intellectual life, providing education designed to prepare well-rounded, globally-minded citizens. With seven academic departments within the School, you’re sure to find the perfect combination of a major, concentration, certificate, and minor to suit your interests and career aspirations while you deepen your intellectual understanding, broaden your horizons, and ask the tough questions.

If you’re ready to jump in and get started on a degree within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, let’s chat! Contact an admissions counselor today.

Two students pose for a picture while traveling abroad
A student creates a giant bubble at a campus activity
A student creates a giant bubble at a campus activity


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An Environment of Endless Curiosity

Art students unplug during retreat
Hands covered in dirt, Brittnee Collins flicks open a pocket knife and begins whittling the end of a stick into a sharp point. As rain drizzles on her, she stands back, examining the fortress-like rectangle she’s built in the mud, before jamming the sharpened end of the stick into place. “The story in my head is getting lengthy,” she said, stepping a few steps away to consider her progress.
World War II veterans bring history to life
With only 3 percent of World War II veterans living, opportunities to hear their stories first-hand are becoming rarer each day. Students in an Indiana University Kokomo English class had that exceptional opportunity, as three of those veterans shared their stories, shedding a personal light on their studies of the war.
Alumnae impact quality of life
“Mom.” It’s a simple word, one mothers may take for granted. But for the mother of a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), hearing that name is a hard-fought victory, and a treasured moment. Those breakthroughs are what fulfill Jacqueline Schick in her career as a registered behavior technician, working with children with ASD.
IU New Frontiers grant brings political symposium
Indiana University Kokomo will host a symposium to discuss current political philosophy, with an IU New Frontiers in the Humanities grant. Eric Bain-Selbo, dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, received the $18,000 grant from IU to fund the March 29 to 31 symposium, The New Populism and the Politics of Dissensus.