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Irish Studies

Minor in Irish Studies

The Irish Studies minor introduces students to key themes in Irish historical and cultural development. It offers students a deeper understanding of the Irish post-colonial and immigrant experience, particularly the diasporic experience of the Irish in America and throughout the British Commonwealth. The minor also provides students with the opportunity to study issues in contemporary Ireland. The Irish Studies minor is interdisciplinary in scope, offering courses in several disciplines. Some of these courses may include travel to Chicago, Boston, New York, Canada, and Ireland. The Irish Studies minor may complement a major in any other department.


The Irish Studies minor requires 15 credit hours of courses with a significant Irish focus. Courses may come from different disciplines, but will only be accepted towards the minor when they deal with Irish topics. At least 9 of the required 15 credit hours must be completed at IU Kokomo. Students choose 15 credit hours from the following courses:

  • ENG-L 335 Victorian Literature (3 cr.)
  • ENG-L 346 Twentieth-Century British Fiction (3 cr.)
  • ENG-L 366 Modern Drama: English, Irish, American, and Post-Colonial (3 cr.)
  • ENG-L 369 Studies in British and American Authors (3 cr.)
  • ENG-L 379 American Ethnic and Minority Literature (3 cr.)
  • ENG-L 381 Recent Writing: Ireland (3 cr.)
  • ENG-L 383 Studies in British or Commonwealth Culture (3 cr.)
  • ENG-L 388 Studies in Irish Literature and Culture (3 cr.)
  • ENG-L 431 Topics in Literary Study (3 cr.)
  • ENG-L 450 Seminar: Irish Authors (3 cr.)
  • ENG-L 480 Seminar: Literature and History (3 cr.)
  • HIST-H 425 Topics in History: Irish History (3 cr.)
  • CMLT-C 392 Genre Study in Film: Ireland in Film and Literature (3cr.)
Last updated: 08/28/2015