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New Media, Art, & Technology

Bachelor's Degree in New Media, Art, & Technology

The bachelor’s degree in New Media, Art, & Technology (NMAT) combines tradition and innovation in a four-year, undergraduate degree for students wishing to develop practical skills and strong knowledge in areas including, but not limited to, digital media, web and mobile media, 2D and 3D studio art and design, virtual media, and emerging media. Students will learn strong computer, art, and design skills, preparing them for a variety of careers and graduate studies. Students tailor the degree to their interests and plans by taking a core set of courses in New Media, Art, & Technology, selecting a concentration area, and choosing electives. The twenty-first-century curriculum offers skills, knowledge and in-service learning, providing valuable pathways to many occupations, including graphic design, illustration, publishing, commercial art, fine art, web design and development, videography, cinematography and photography.

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Bachelor of Science in New Media, Art, & Technology is for the student who wants to be more focused on new media topics within their degree. The major consists of 45 credit hours of courses in New Media, Art, & Technology, divided between a required core and courses within a chosen concentration, including electives. The Bachelor of Science degree features an innovative multidisciplinary approach, with course work taught by faculty from a variety of fields.


Make the degree yours by choosing one of the following:

Digital Media

The Digital Media concentration helps students develop their creative practice in a variety of forms and contexts, including the use of high-definition video, illustration, sound, motion graphics, animation, and experimental filmmaking. Graduates have the skills for entry-level positions such as videographers, motion graphics artists, illustrators, video editors, as well as a broad base of knowledge and experience that inspires the flexibility and adaptability required to succeed in the competitive creative arena that exists at the intersection of technology, art, and design.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design concentration encourages students to define their role as contributing designers by developing their critical and analytical skills, creative voice, and visual language. Students gain the experience required for entry-level positions such as art directors, typographers, illustrators, production artists, logo and brand creators, and graphic designers. A broad base of understanding, experience and theory allows graduates the flexibility to perform many roles within traditional and emerging media.

Web Design

The Web Design concentration helps students develop skills in exciting emerging technologies, including human-computer interaction, interface design, web and web-based application design. Graduates have the skills for entry-level positions such as web designers, social media artists, interface designers, web application builders, as well as a broad base of knowledge and experience that encourages the adaptability and persistence required to flourish in the emerging technology fields.

Degree Requirements

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New Media, Art, and Technology is a program that prepares students to be critical, adaptive, inquisitive, effective, and creative thinkers, communicators, problem-solvers and creators, able to succeed as relevant professionals in a multitude of established and emerging fields.


Students who complete the program will:

  • understand how to produce industry-standard media works within their chosen concentration
  • have the practical and theoretical knowledge to critique works within their chosen concentration
  • possess the verbal, historical and theoretical knowledge to present their work to a variety of audiences
  • understand the professional practices required to succeed in their chosen area
  • produce a portfolio of their work suitable for advancement within their chosen field

The foundation you need to succeed

Student balances business and classes
Even a CEO has to do his homework. Anthony Rentz balances his final semester of Indiana University Kokomo classes, a full-time job at a local school, and owning a video production business. He looks forward to completing a B.S. in New Media Communication in May, so he can concentrate on his company. "I look forward to pursuing a career, and a future, and not having to do homework every night on top of it," Rentz said.
Student artwork featured in Artist Alley
It's easy to tell when Chad Parkinson has been busy with his art by the paint marks on his forehead. He leans in close, his forehead nearly touching the marine board, as he paints gray on the lines he's drawn for a picture featuring details of the local skate park. "I have a degree in visual communication, but I am visually impaired," he said. "I can see shapes and colors, but I have to look closer. When I paint, I get it on my face a lot."
Student artwork showcased in exhibit
A fine arts student's learning is measured not by tests or papers, but in the artwork he or she creates. Students from Indiana University Kokomo showcase what they've learned in the annual Student Art Exhibition. It includes paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, jewelry, metalwork, ceramics, digital mixed media, and graphic design work created this academic year.
Students design for local not-for-profits
The poster Natalie Barker created for her graphic design class won't just be in her portfolio - it will be displayed in Kokomo area businesses. Barker designed the promotional poster for the Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance (GKEDA) "Keep Kokomo Beautiful" campaign, as part of a competition for her graphic design production and practice class.
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